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"Hit and Running"

21/8/145 N.E

"Oh! Well, that's not good…"

Silvo had just realized that maybe, just maybe, having a sniper on his back at all times wasn't a good idea. The Type 141S ended up sideways on his back, thus blocking him from getting through the very narrow door. He tried to move it around to get it to fit, until he heard a loud beeping from his com unit.

"HEY! Did you notice A missing 141?"

Silvo was, to say the least, startled. He had tried to take the sniper rifle as quietly as he could, so as to not alert anyone to the missing Type 141S.

"Uhhh, n-no! I didn't see anything around, other than my Type 181." This was a very blatant lie, as the selective fire weapon was not present since he didn't want to carry extra weight. Silvo was still fumbling over the 141S and trying to get it through the door. It didn't take him long to do so and he quickly got going, off to the barracks. The 141S was in pristine condition, save for the ninety degree bend in the barrel. When he got there, however, he saw a tall female figure.

Oh, it's Alisha.

She looked at Silvo with the most menacing glare he had seen in a long time. Not long after came words he had hoped she wouldn't say.

"Do you have any idea of how much that costs?"

"How did you know?"

"You left your 181 in the S rack, idiot. Now answer my question."

"Umm… 1200 Exos?"

Alisha screamed. "5200 EXOS DUMBASS!"

Shortly after, a loud metal-against-metal smack could be heard around the entire base.

After reluctantly handing the sniper over, Silvo was on his bunk, on the hypernet reading news articles from oh so long ago. He was over on the 2020 headlines looking at politics. He'd always thought of politics as just a pointless debacle that made everything suck. This is what got a laugh out of him, just thinking about how humans have always argued over everything.

Man, this is the funniest shit I've ever seen.

Right as he finished that thought, the alarm began blaring. The ear piercingly loud sound made Silvo want to get his ears removed later. Soon after, a loud ding could be heard. The P.A system.

"All personnel, we are under attack by Great Earth! There is a breach in the west wing. All combat units head to the west wing."

Hearing this, Silvo mumbles something along the lines of "Dammit," in Simulan. They had come here for the simula stationed here, including him. He grabbed his 181 and started running.

"The path of a simula is thorny indeed."

Things were very hectic at the west wing, as it was the wing where communications were, as well as where the medical ward is. Why it was planned this way is unknown. Silvo rounded a corner and shot down two G.E Pawns, their Type 122's doing almost nothing. His internal radar alerted him to a Knight and 3 Pawns running down the hallway to his right, and he made the decision to wall run in to get the drop on them, since he thought they would never expect a User to begin shooting.

Users are the elites on the battlefield. Capable of many advanced movements, Users could turn the tide of battle if one had enough. They appear anywhere from in mercenary groups to the military.

Silvo thought about this many times over as he kept on shooting. He was a user, and thus he should fit the definition, right?

He was walking down a corridor with many doors on either side when he heard a loud THUMP from behind. This causes him to dive through one of the doors, into a room with an empty bed, and a stool next to it. While waiting, he really wants time to think about what he would do when this is all over. All he wanted at the time was to go on vacation back to his home planet, Ridia. The beautiful ocean that covered most of the planet held the most stunning views in the Near Systems. But not now. Now, there was a war raging on, as in the year 168 N.E, a group rose up. This group was named Great Earth, and it advocated for humans to have superiority over the simula, a race of robots, as they were scared of the simula overthrowing them, and thus, wanted to chain them down.

But it wasn't the time to think about that.

"This isn't the time to think about that!"

The thumping sound had grown louder instead of fading away. Silvo wanted to call Alisha, but when he did, the worst thing possible happened. There was a message from her.

'Hello Silvo. You have been an annoying thorn in my side for the full 6 years you've been here. I have been waiting for an opportunity like this ever since Base Delta came under my control. You see, I'm actually a part of Great Earth. The thumping sound you hear? That's a Promethean. See you.'

There was a long pause…

"Fuck. That's not good, not at all."

Silvo stepped outside the room, only to find the base completely destroyed by the giant size humanoid robot, a Promethean. It was wielding a large scale version of a Type 261, the classic break action double barrel shotgun. It stomped all around the base aimlessly. Silvo's radar detected nothing but the large enemy titan.

You know what would be a good idea right now?. Running. You know what I'm grateful for right now? The fact that I didn't have a good relationship with Alisha.

And so, Silvo did the only thing that was on his mind right then. He ran. He ran as far as his robotic legs could carry him. He thought it would be a good idea to run to the mine on the planet, controlled by the Phoenix Militia, the rebellion that Silvo was affiliated with. The trip would take weeks, so he'd have to find a way to make it through.