Chapter 4

Just after chapter 3…

The man, presumably General, turns around on his glamorous chair. When facing the four, he puts his elbows on his desk and clasps his hands together. Even though General's hat was far back on his head, his eyes were coated in the black paint of darkness, only amplifying his menacing aura even further.

"State your names and your intention."

Echoe speaks up.

"And why should you know that? You're going down anyway!"

General gets up from his chair. Slowly, he reaches for the machine pistol on his side, a Type-686. Pointing the full-auto weapon at the intruders, he speaks once more.

"Because I want to remember who I kill."

The non-menacing pistol then turns into a horrendously fast bullet hose, painting the room with bullets; littering the four with rounds. Silvo jumps toward General, but instead is met with a table to the chest, putting him on the ground. Rose takes the opportunity, and fires from an antique revolver she picked up from a random grunt. General quickly dives behind the now sideways desk.

"You're not getting away!" Echoe yells as she runs toward the desk, ready to jump over the desk with Ayden in tow. Quickly vaulting the table, the three engage in a fistfight. Echoe throws a punch with astounding speed, forcing General to dodge. But he can't just focus on Echoe.

Ayden is light on his feet and throws a few kicks. Each one blocked by General blow after blow, while at the same time expertly dodging Echoe's punches. Silvo is back on his feet, and after seeing the spectacle, is dumbfounded. He turns toward Rose.

"What the fu- is that even physically possible?"

Rose suddenly gets a startled look on her face.

"Behind you, you dumbass!"

General had grabbed Ayden's foot this time around, swinging him like a mace. After hitting Echoe, he threw Ayden towards Silvo. After getting up and shooting a glance at each other, They charge back in with Echoe, who had also gotten back up.

General, not wanting to deal with three at a time, dashed over to Echoe and unloaded as many bullets as he could into her limbs, effectively putting her out of commission.

"Aww, come on man!" she yells, a mix of pain and anger in her voice.

"Shit! Fuck, dammit!" yelled Rose, as she had done nothing the entire time. She rushes over to the desk and slides behind General, using the two others still able to fight as a distraction.

Finger on the trigger, she aimed down the sights. Quietly.

"One shot, one kill."

General keeled over in pain, the incredibly strong fighter couldn't handle a single bullet. Quickly, Ayden spun around, and knocked him out the window with a single blow. Echoe speaks up again.

"So we could've just done THAT the entire time? Fucking assholes!"

Rose snaps back. "You know who just saved your ass? I did, so shut up for a second!"

Ayden responds. "ha, you did? guess who distracted general for you."

"We could also say that all three of us saved her, you know?" Said Silvo.

After a long pause, the siblings nodded.

They set off, back to the ship, killing off any guards who'd dare come near. Once on, everyone took a big rest, seeing as they were going to be on this ship for a few days to get to the planet Trioulus. Spectacle after spectacle, star after star. While using a slipspace drive, sights that were moving at light speed in the front slowed down to viewing speed, only to again speed off under the covers of void. It was a very relaxing trip, albeit lasting 8 standard days.

Once there, tension was high. Rose had stated multiple times that many clients were known for killing mercenaries after jobs so as not to pay.

If I'm ever going to make money, I gotta be alive while doing it.

A/N: Motivation is hard.