Autobiography of a Loser
by M. A. C

[A/N This is called Autobiography of a Loser. This is a fictional tale. But it will
resemble my life in more ways then, ummmm, lets say three hundred. But it is fiction.
Just thought I would let you know. Also once again sorry for all the spelling. Lastly I'm
still working on this. I was talking to a friend about this other story I'm writing and he
asked about this one. So I took what I had and put it up.]
Part I:
From Birth to Eighth Grade

Chapter I:
Birth and Background

I was born a loser and will die a loser. Some may disagree with me but they are
total idiots. This story begins when I was born I guess. I was born a loser. I'm still. My
name is Mike Coyne. I moved out of my home town, Minneapolis, when I was five. I
was a reject there and I was a reject where I moved to. So there wasn't much difference
I move to a suburb. Coon Rapids. The hell hole of Minnesota. Well in my
opinion. It took me ten good years till I made some good friends. The other ones hung
out with me cause they were getting bored of other people they picked on so they choose
to pick on me. So I was an outcast. I was always the last to be chosen for a team,
project, etc. The cool thing was, I didn't care. I don't remember anything from there till
sixth grade so I will start with...