Snowy days.

sometimes beautiful and cold at the sametime.

Snowy days ... great for staying at home in front of the fireplace or having a delicious hot chocolate or being wrapped in a blanlet.

But in the reality of 22nd cavarly soldiers in the midst of an American civil war, what is beautiful about these days is problematic.

Muddy terrians for charges were a problem, so all the men at 22nd camp would have to patrol the edges to see if there were any attacks planned for that day.

Something that the soldiers could not ignore, in fact they were orders from General Alexander after all and Ignoring the cold was not an easy task.

Dressed in their winter uniform, two men were waiting for a brother in arms from the patrol to return.

"Tripps, did you just patrol the west side?" The redhead identified as Chesterfield asked.

"Yes, sergeant no confederate in sight." Tripps replied and the three continued to walk.

"Blutch, why are you taking so long?" Chesterfield stopped on the way looking at Blutch, who was walking slowly and rubbing his hands together to ease the cold.

"I think he's cold, Sergeant." Tripps said and then an icy wind blew making the green-eyed man shiver a little.

"Strange, I know that we are experiencing a mass of cold air, but I am not feeling this cold like you."

"It's easy for you to talk, after all you don't feel cold like us..." Blutch just said, at that time Chesterfield stopped halfway and looked at Blutch with a Scowl.

"What do you mean, my little Blutch?" Chesterfield asked as his eyebrow twitched twice. "Are you calling me fat?" Chesterfield asked under a growl . Blutch didn't want to arouse the Sergeant's anger and deal with it right now.

"It is not clear that not Sarge, but I think we better make a bonfire." Blutch suggested.

I agree with him sarge, it is better to warm up a little because this cold might turn us frostbite "Tripps said while shuddered.

The three then walked for a while longer ignoring the cold until they found a wide trunk of fallen tree in a forest that served as a bench for the three.

"Tripps, can you get some wood or kidling for the bonfire?"

"Sure sarge, I'll be back here in a few minutes." Tripps said towards the deep part of the forest in order to look for some wood or kidling

"Hey Blutch?" Chesterfield said looking at the freezing caporal.

"Me?" Blutch asked, pointing a finger at himself.

"Sure, are you seeing another Blutch here ?!" Chesterfield spat and then his coolness

"Are you still cold?" he asked.

"Yes, what do you think!" Blutch spat back, the caporal cursed mentally, Was the sergeant dumb or what?

"I told you to stay at the camp." Chesterfield said glaring at Blutch.

"You know that everyone went to patrol different places, and in fact I feel alone there, and in the camp there's nothing to entertain me."

"What about that book that Andrew loaned you?" Chesterfield asked remembering the book that the dark skinned soldier lend to him.

"I already read it, I confess it is good but he has only one, and Andrew should get others." Blutch muttered in clenched teeth.

Chesterfield just sighed, what could he do to soften the cold caporal? soon a light bulb appeared above his head.

"Hey, come, here," Chesterfield said patting the fallen tree trunk for him to sit next to him.

"No thanks, I'll wait for Tripps to come back." Blutch quickly refused.

"Are you coming or not, if you want to stay waiting Trips in the cold can stay, it will be long before he comes back for us to make this bonfre.

"Okay ..." The caporal just sighed in defeat and put his pride aside, Chesterfield waited for Blutch to sit next to him and pulled him closer, an action that surprised him a lot.

"There, better?" Blutch heard the sergeant ask and just nodded, the caporal he never thought his superior could do something like that, Blutch could only agree that it was nice ... it was cozy. So, two were immobile to not lose body heat.

A few minutes passed and Tripps soon returned with a pile of wood that almost covered his face.

"People sorry for the delay but it is difficult to find.- Tripps said putting all the sticks on the ground but not before seeing and being surprised by the unusual scene. Soon an akward silence was formed and Chesterfield decided to kill the silence.

"Ah! Tripps at a great time, you can now start building the bonfire."

"Why me?!" The young soldier with green eyes nearly screamed and Chesterfield growled.

"Tripps, is that an order you heard?!" the young man cannot do anything, just swear mentally and start making the fire pit.

Soon the Three men were heating up around the fire has provided them.

"Then we are going back to the camp, and Tripps, what you saw here, will you stay here understood?" Chesterfield asked while glaring at the soldier who was sitting to his left.

"Understood sarge ." Tripps nervously replied while Blutch gave a silent chuckle.

This was the first chapter. more like an writing exercise and more chapters are about to come and sorry for some misspellings i will try to improve my writing