After a long and painfull northern combat he emerged victorious once again despite some deaths.A group of soldiers, some of them wounded, were waiting for two more until Tripps joined him with a concerned look on his face.

"Sarge, have you seen Bryan?" the green-eyed man asked nervously when he saw that Bryan was not with the others.

"Wasn't he fighting for your side?" Chesterfield asked.

"Yes, but then I thought he would be here already."

"Do you want us to help you look for him?" Adrian, a soldier with black skin and curly hair asked.

"No, let myself do this." The green-eyed man walked among the fallen bodies of confederates while he felt a tightness in his chest.

"What is it?" He asked about the sensation he was feeling.

"Tripps help me ..." a weak, husky voice caught the young man's attention.

"Bryan!" he said running to his aid.

"Bryan, Bryan, tell me what-" Tripps until you see the wound in your neck, got shot in the throat! blood came out of his mouth and stained his uniform.

He soon pressed two fingers to his wrist, thank heavens his heart was beating but for how long?he couldn't stay there, he couldn't let his friend die in his arms and in front of him.

"Sarge, it's Bryan, i found him!" Tripps screamed at the top of his lungs and soon Chesterfield went to him along with Blutch and others came across the scene.

"Oh my God ..." was all that Chesterfield said. "stretcher bearers! There is an injured man here!"

"Hang in there please, the stretcher bearers are already coming." Tripps said as the stretcher beares were coming towards the wounded soldier.

Carefully Tripps and Chesterfield helped put Bryan on the strecher He heard the voices muffled and the vision blurred, black circles began to dance around his vision until darkness took over.

The Darkness ... it was all Bryan could see for weeks, he could hear his heart beat loud and fast, the darkness was something the young soldier didn't like and it felt like a feeling of loneliness. during those weeks he could feel someone putting a wet towel on his forehead and other whispering a few words of comfort.

Bryan then opened his sticky eye, a flash made the soldier close his eyes tightly and then open them again.

He woke up in the medical tent, finding Tripps by their side sleeping next to him until he saw some flowers and some letters of: Get well soon from some of his brothers in arms.

Bryan would ask what happened but soon he felt a discomfort in his throat, it hurt it burned as soon as the soldier next to him was slowly waking up to find Bryan looking at him with a confused expression as he said: what am I doing here ?

"Ah, Bryan, you woke up!" The voice came from a Sold Tripps Bryan's best friend was beside him in the infirmary while some doctors and nurses took care of the other soldiers wounded in combat. Tripps couldn't hide the happiness that was plastered on his face when he saw his best friend open his eyes again.

"Hey doctors he woke up! I repeat; Bryan Crawford woke up!" Tripps screamed and soon a man with gray hair and dressed in a lab coat bigger than him, Bryan could see that the man had a red natiz and could smell the alcohol on his breath, this guy seemed to be drunk.

"Bryan Crawford, is that it?" The doctor asked and Bryan nodded, ignoring the smell of alcohol.

"Look I have some news for you...the first is that you were shot in the throat, the second is that ... you will not be able to speak for a few weeks and feeding can be difficult for you. "Bryan then lowered his gauze while placing his hand on his wound.

"Bryan ... I know this is difficult but I need you to collaborate all right?" The doctor asked and Bryan nodded.

"Doctor Harding , we need you here now!" The voice came from a nurse with black skin and frizzy hair and soon the man went to help the young woman.

"It will be difficult to talk with pen and paper now, huh?" Tripps asked and Bryan just nodded.

"You know, I was really worried about you ..." Tripps said putting his hand under Bryan's hand tighting his grip.

"Some soldiers were meeting every week to pray for you every night, including Amélie."

"Amelie?" a slight confused expression formed on Bryan's face until he remembered the one he had volunteered to be a nurse to help the doctor take care of the wounded. The blonde was helping other nurses until her gauze meets Bryan's, she then waved an shy hello at his direction and Bryan did the same with a slight silly smile on his face which Tripps noticed.

"She stayed by your side too, Bryan, she sometimes left the barracks every night just to see how you were doing; we took turns to see how you were doing, you know?"

So Amélie and Tripps stayed all night with him taking turns to look after him...? how many charges Tripps missed? but that wasn't important at Tripps and then at Amélie who was a few meters away, Bryan decided that he would be grateful not only to his friend but also the woman who saved his life.

Amélie Appeltown is a nurse now This is my new headcanon. Let's say I was inspired by Sakka-Kun's fic: Infirmière Appletown. She was doing a great job with gic, I hope one day she will write her again.

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