No matter what, it seems we are always drawn to each other – eventually and inevitably.

I do not understand it, I have never known anything like it but I swear it is like this.

You and I are like fire and water, like night and day in many ways and yet, our souls are similar. So we are really more like yin and yang – two separate parts that are always drawn to each other.

With you I feel connected in a way I cannot explain. You look at me and I feel you understand me in a special way. And this feeling still exists after years apart. When we met again that special connection was still palpable. It has changed and has new facets now but it is undeniably still there. We are different people than we were back then and we are getting to know each other again on a new basis. And yet, so much of our former, deep connection remains. Gestures, words, looks, even our silences feel so familiar and echo with memories while we slowly build a new kind of connection.

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