One Sunny Smile

Me : Hey, what's with you today? You're always cracking jokes.

Her : Why? Is it wrong to just want to laugh and make you laugh? You thought it was funny no matter how lame.

Me : Nothing's wrong with that. It's just that you keep cracking one joke after another.

Her : So long as you're still laughing no matter how dumb it is, it's fine. Don't you think so?

Me : Well, since you put it that way, I guess you're right.

Her : If you notice me doing this again, just laugh with me okay? Laugh no matter how dumb or stupid it sounds. Because that's just me trying to cheer myself up. The more I see other people laugh, the more my sadness starts to fade away.

I looked at her, surprised at what she said and she gave a wide smile that could really fool anyone.

Her : That's just me trying to help myself, keeping my dark thoughts from getting what's left of me. So just laugh with me okay?

And I realized time and again that you really can't judge people. You just don't know what they're going through. One sunny smile can hide a river of unshed tears.

By: aze