The last story was about how twins Zikon and Zinma made emergence landing on the planet Shiazuno.
At first shiazunovians were suspicious and wary about the two, but soon they fit in the crowd.
Especially Zikon got used to the customs of the Shiazuno really quickly and made new friends quickly but as quickly he made some enemies to himself also. He wasn't so popular among the male shiazunovians, because he flirted and had his way among the shiazunovian women.
Zikon couldn't help himself, he was really extrovert, sexually really active and really flirtatious by his nature and women couldn't help themselves when Zikon hit on them with his charm.
Zinma was the opposite of him, she was introvert and didn't made so many friends among shiazunovians, not especially on the healer side.
Her cruel, cold, rude, straight worded and harsh personality didn't fit in with the peace loving shiazunovians on the healer side.
Shiazunovians were divided in two sides; healers and warriors.
Healers chose to live peacefully and loving nature and life, they were famous of most of them being healers by their occupation.
Warriors on the other hand chose to live their life aggressively and being hateful toward others, they were famous of being killers, murders and angry.
Zinma fit in with the warrior side's shiazunovians, but still she was searching something more, but didn't know it by back then.
Twins lived there for an almost year mingling with their chosen sides.
Zikon met on the healer side a peaceful doctor and healer named Suzushin and his fiancé Hanaharu.
He and Hanaharu became quickly a friend, but with Suzushin the story was the other way around.
At first Zikon and Suzushin couldn't stand each other, but slowly they learned to be with another one and they almost became friends.
Twins also met on their stay there a blacksmith named Hanatettsui and both became friends with the strong woman.
Some problems came from the warrior side, when the leader of the warriors, Arawn chose to take bigger interest on Zikon and trying to rule over the healer side.
Arawn's son Hira was torn between the sides and chose to follow Hanatettsui.
Feared warrior side's leader has on his side mad doctor and shaman named Kuroi, who managed to stir up some chaos among the healers. He tricked Suzushin to use forbidden healing method and framed him up in crime when Suzushin tried to heal his fiancé Hanaharu, but she died because of that.
Suzushin was imprisoned and it was up to Zikon and others to make things different.
In the end Zinma chose to leave the planet with her twin brother Zikon, Suzushin chose to leave with the twins and Hira and Hanatettsui decided the same, they didn't have anything left on Shiazuno.
Now we get to see how the story evolves and continues from their escape from Shiazuno.

The spaceship sped thought the vast space in steady speed. It was made for 3 persons to use and ride it, but there were three more persons riding it right now. In total 5 persons were inside the spaceship.
The mood inside the spaceship was tense charged. They all had been on the way for 3 weeks with small stops on the other planets and no free space to use.
"Are you three really going to stay with us? Are you really sure about that?" Red haired woman Zinma asked with strict tone and eyes the trio from Shiazuno.
"Yes, they are staying with us Zinma! Don't even try to kick them on some planet alone!" Zinma's twin brother Zikon shouted aloud and interrupted her between her line.
"We don't have enough space for all of us! Be reasonable!"
"We can manage for a while! We all just need to be open minded and calm with this situation!"
The twins continued their quarrel about the situation, leaving other three standing there in uncomforted.
The oldest one of the trio, white haired doctor and healer Suzushin tried to say something at the twins, but his polite and shy nature prevented him from interrupting rudely.
He ended up just eyeing between the two and his face went sadder and sadder by the moment.
"Enough with all the fighting and arguing! I can't stand more of that." Shouted woman with long and black hair. "If it's okay with you two, we would love to stay with you, just until we figure out what to do in future. We don't have anything left in Shiazuno, we lost everything."
The twins quit their argument and Zikon regretted right away starting the argument with his sister.
Zinma just huffed and crossed her arms over her chest.
"I don't have any place to go either. I agree with Hana on this one." Said quietly the teen aged boy from the corner of the room. He slid his black front hair from his face and looked between the adults.
Sighing Zikon turned to Suzushin. "What about you? What do you want to do?"
Suzushin was took by surprise by the question from Zikon.
"I don't know... I don't have any place to go either. When I was banished from our village, I lost everything. I lost dear friend of mine, Hanaharu and I lost my parents when they had to flee the village from the angry villagers. I just don't know."
Everyone else felt sorry for the doctor, the last week on Shiazuno had been really harsh for him.
Even Zinma felt a bang of the quilt being so harsh and cold toward others.
Hira had left because he couldn't stand anymore his father's behaviour toward him and toward others, especially toward Hanatettsui.
Hanatettsui had chosen to left, because her life had become so difficult and she didn't have her parents or relatives support, because they were all dead.
"I will go and rest in the sleeping area." Muttered Suzushin and left the group.

Outside the control room, Suzushin sighed deeply and leaned his back on the door.
The thoughts inside his head were going in circles and he couldn't think straight, like he normally would.
Everything had happened so fast and hard and he was still in state of the shock.
He was worried of his parents; did they manage to reach relatives in the outer parts of Shiazuno?
After a while, he pushed himself ahead and headed toward the sleeping area.
Meanwhile inside the control room, Zikon was arguing with the teen named Hira.
"You again kicked me last night while you slept. Could you sleep a bit more peacefully and not to keep me awake?"
"Who said I was sleeping?" The teen snapped and eyed challengingly at Zikon.
Zikon just gasped aloud and pointed at Hira.
"You little shit! Have you done that on purpose?!"
The two carried on with the arguing and Zikon didn't notice how two women kept giving him meaningful looks.
The two women waited for a moment and then they both just shouted at Zikon.
"Go! Go after him!"
"What? What can I do? I'm not the type to comfort men" Muttered Zikon and eyed toward the door.
"Trust me, go after him, he needs it now." Hanatettsui said gently and encouraging the long-haired man to go after Suzushin.
For a moment Zikon was unsure and torn between, but then the determination hit him and he rushed after the doctor.
Zinma grumbled under her breath. "Took you enough time to realize."
The door hissed and closed behind Zikon and he looked ahead for Suzushin. The taller man had already disappeared from the corridor.
'He must be in the sleeping are already.'
Zikon rushed after the doctor and listened carefully if he heard him.
Walking through the corridors, his thoughts jumped around and he didn't know what to think about the women's hinting looks at him and telling him to go after Suzushin.
Meanwhile in the sleeping area, Suzushin just slumped on the mattress laying on the floor.
Zinma and Hanatettsui slept on the beds and the men slept on the floor on the mattresses.
There had been third bed but for unknown reasons it wasn't a place to sleep comfortably.
Suzushin turned to lay on his back and stared at the ceiling above him and sighed.
Zikon on the other hand suddenly noticed that he had reached the sleeping area and he was staring at the door.
He collected his courage and pushed the button to open the door.
Right away he noticed the taller man lying on the mattress.
"Can I come inside to keep you company or do you want to be left alone?"
Suzushin was took by surprise by the question from Zikon and he though over for a moment.
"Sure, it's your spaceship after all."
"But it's polite to ask." Zikon said and walked to the mattresses and slumped next to Suzushin.

Both just laid there all silent and stared at the ceiling, they both just enjoyed the moment and the silence.
Soon Suzushin's curiosity won over and he broke the silence between the two men.
"What do you really think about us, me coming with you?"
"I don't know to be honest. Well, I wouldn't have left you three there either."
"Nice to hear that you wouldn't have abounded us."
"How are you feeling about all of this? Me? Us?" Suzushin asked nervously and glanced at the shorter man.
"I don't know, I don't feel anything special." Zikon shrugged his shoulders and played dumb, he wasn't going to join in this game.
Suzushin furrowed his brows together and chose his next words carefully.
"Are you sure about that? You don't seem to be like Zinma, all emotionless and stuff like that."
"Zinma isn't emotionless."
When Zikon noticed Suzushin meaningful glance, he continued.
"Well, she kind of is sometimes emotionless, but she is just master of hiding her true feelings."
"You are hiding your feelings at this moment also."
"No, I'm not!"
"Yes, you are."
The two didn't even look at each other, they just kept their eyes on the ceiling, like it was the most interesting thing in the whole universe. They laid there again in silence.
Sighing deeply Suzushin broke again the silence between them.
"You know, I'm not that kind of guy to play around with others feelings and hearts."
"I know that." Zikon huffed and furrowed his brows deep in thought.
After a while the two turned to each other by mutual agreement and in silence looked at each other.
Both of their hearts were beating like crazy and their breaths felt like they were out of the breath.
But their minds were even worse, both were really nervous and ready to escape from the situation if needed.
Neither one of them didn't know how to title the feelings inside themselves.
Suzushin felt how his neck started to heat up and the warmth crept on his cheeks and ears.
He wished that the other one didn't notice his blushing in the dim light.
Zikon on the other hand was confused why he was feeling like this, he had never felt like this with anyone else before.
Both were confused by the sudden tension between the two, it felt like the air was electrified.
They eyed each other and tried to avoid looking at the other on the eyes.
Soon their eyes locked on each other.
Zikon swallowed and tried to get his dry mouth open, but suddenly he couldn't do anything.
Carefully Suzushin brought his hand to touch back of Zikon's neck and he waited would the other dash away or deny him touching.
Light skinned man didn't deny or creep away from the doctor.
Then Suzushin gently slid his hand on the skin there and all the while they both looked in each other eyes.
Zikon was about to say something, but then he closed his mouth and decided not to say anything.
"Just be sincere with me." Suzushin encouragingly whispered to Zikon.
Slowly Zikon closed his eyes.