The spring had come and some migratory birds had returned to the area.
Zikon was walking back to home from his course for that day.
He had started studies to be personal trainer, he had thought over different possibilities so long and now he knew what he wanted to do.
Somehow, he has lost most of the interest to be stripper or exotic dancer, he would be excited all the time while working and wouldn't be able to release the pressure of the pleasure and he didn't want to be hooker either, he had his standards.
'Luckily I have grown mentally, otherwise I would have done something that stupid as job before.'
Zikon enjoyed the warmth what sun gave out, the weather was a bit warmer, but the nights were still coldish.
Their first apartment outside the centre had been disaster and they luckily did manage to cancel their rental contract and had moved in the same area, in small house.
Suzushin had got loan from the bank, it was thanks to the centre's good feedback of Suzushin.
The white-haired man had earned big money from his trainee- and substitutions-times, to his favour came his previous experience in medic field, so he had exceled in his studies forward quickly.
Still, they were tenants in that house, they could buy it to themselves later on, but the landlord wanted first to see what kind tenants they were.
Zikon looked at the trees and tried to figure out what kind of birds were singing on the trees.
'We have managed just so well with Suzushin and we have grown closer to each other. Well, I still have quarrels with Hira.'
The teen had disturbed many times, their adult time together, nothing special, just spending time together, but Hira had come between the two.
'Maybe it's for the best that he comes between us. I still don't know what to feel about Suzu. Neither of us have said anything related to our feelings.'
Soon he turned from the street to their small yard-road and walked toward the house.
He noticed someone standing in front of the outdoor and that person tried to peek inside the house from the windows on the porch.
"Hello, can I help you out somehow?" Zikon asked from stranger and was ready go away from them, if they acted threateningly towards him.
The stranger turned around and ZIkon recognised them right away.
'It's Sayali! What is she doing here?'
Sayali took the coat's hood from her head and eyed at Zikon calmly.
"Hey Zikon."

Zikon was about to do U-turn when he recognised the woman and was about to run away, when Sayali shouted to him.
"I won't do anything to you, I just wanted to meet you and talk to you."
The long-haired man stopped and turned to look at the woman again.
"What do you want to talk about?" Zikon asked and crossed his arms over his chest.
"Please, let me come inside, so I explain myself there. I came here in secret."
Zikon wondered for a moment what to do, but then he decided to let the woman inside.
He walked to the door and unlocked it and let the woman go inside first.
Zikon lead Sayali to the kitchen and started to prepare tea for the two.
Sayali looked curiously around herself, but didn't say anything.
"So, what do you want from me? What's to talk about?"
The woman waited to get her tea-mug in front of her and then she sipped the tea carefully, so she wouldn't burn her mouth with the tea.
The hot tea smelled heavenly good and tasted as good as it smelled, it was made by Suzushin after all and Sayali inhaled the strong scent of it and eyed how the steam playfully rose from the mug.
Zikon waited impatiently to the woman to start talking, but he resisted rushing the woman.
Light blue-skinned woman put her mug down on the table and started to explain herself.
"The last time we met, I put a tracking device on your spaceship and followed the signal to here Earth. Then I kept eye on you guys, while you were at the centre."
"Why did you contact me just now?" Zikon asked confused from the woman.
"The things didn't go as I planned. As I said, I had been keeping eye on you guys, so I overheard the argument or should I say a fight between Zinma and Hira. Because of what I heard, I decided to follow Zinma. She went to one nearby planet and I followed her there. We kind of became friends, almost, maybe more like buddies."
Zikon nodded to the woman to continue and Sayali wondered for a while, should she continue and then she decided to continue.
"We stayed at that planet for some time and about a month ago, we came back to the Earth and have been here since that day."
The woman fell silent and let her words to sink in to the man sitting in front of her.

Zikon tried to digest all what he had heard from the woman and asked one question that burned in his mind.
"Why didn't Zinma contact me when she came back here?"
" I think she regrets everything what she said and done when she left you, how she dealed with the things back then. I also think that she is ashamed and doesn't dare to show her face around you or others."
"Well, she did handle things pretty badly and didn't do her goodbyes so well."
"Do you want to see her?" Sayali asked and eyed Zikon carefully.
Zikon thought over and then just shrugged his shoulders.
"I can set up you guys to meet again, in some neutral surroundings or something like that."
"Thanks, Sayali. Can I ask you something?" Zikon asked and the woman nodded.
"Why did you stay with ZInma this long? She is quite difficult company to be around, believe me, I know."
Sayali let out small laugh and shrugged her shoulders, but then said aloud with silent voice.
"I think that I saw some of myself in her and her bitterness and want to revenge the wrong doings done to her, made me see how bitter and sour I was becoming into. How the revenge shouldn't be only one thing keeping you going ahead. Those things made me think about things. Cutting my hair was just bad luck and misunderstanding, when Suzushin thought that I was going to kill you. But I'm over it now."
Zikon nodded and told the woman how he understood her.
" What I still regret; is that I couldn't charm you enough to stay with me." Sayali whispered seductively.
The long-haired man let out small and nervous laugh and kept eye on the woman, when she came closer to him.
Sayali lowered herself to him, so their lips almost were touching and continued whisper with her seductive voice
"Don't you miss that what we had at that night? I sure do miss it; won't you come with me and leave this all behind?"
Zikon breathed out, he felt like he was all suddenly breathless.
"I don't know."
Suzushin came home and smelled the tea aroma coming from the kitchen and walked toward the room.
"Ah, you are already here ZIkon. You don't guess what happened at the local st-"
Suzushin became quiet in the mid-sentence and stared the sight in front of him.
The scene in front of him looked really suspicious, Sayali bending over Zikon like that and their lips almost touching, both lost in each other's eyes.
"What is happening here?!"

Zikon jolted away from Sayali and almost fell over with his chair.
"This isn't what it looks like! I swear, nothing happened!"
"Deja Vu." Sayali giggled and left Zikon's side and eyed the confused and a bit angry doctor in front of her.
"Hello Suzushin, you look good."
"Hello to you too Sayali, what is happening here between you two?!"
Suzushin eyed suspiciously between the two and didn't know how to act or react.
"No worries Suzushin, I'm not here to take revenge or anything. Or taking ZIkon away from you." Sayali said charmingly and smiled at the doctor.
Suzushin just nodded and Sayali continue with the charming voice and all the smiling sweetly.
"I have come over the want to revenge and from the revengeful feelings. The time I spent with Zinma, showed me how those things eat you up from the inside. Well, I was just about to leave, when you came back."
Sayali walked toward the door and Suzushin. When she was about to pass Suzushin, she suddenly turned and punched the doctor on his nose.
"Suzu!" Zikon shouted and jumped at the doctor worriedly.
"That's for cutting my hair and taking away Zikon. Now we are even."
"What about the talk with you coming over the revengeful feelings and all that?" Suzushin muttered while he held his bleeding nose and took the tissue Zikon gave him.
"All is good now, goodbye you two, maybe we will see each other one more time sometime."
Then the woman left and the two stunned men just stared after her.
"What was that all about?" Suzushin finally asked from Zikon.
"Sayali have been keeping eye on us since the time we came to the Earth. Then she followed Zinma on some nearby planet and the two came back to Earth about a month ago. She had spent some time with Zinma and said that she might be regretting everything she said and did back then."
Suzushin just grunted and nodded and blow his nose carefully.
"And I swear; nothing happened between us! She just suddenly came on to me and tried to seduce me or something." Zikon continued hurriedly at the doctor.
"Did you want to take things further with her." Suzushin asked and turned to look at Zikon with serious face.
"No... No, I didn't, somehow I didn't feel a thing of her doing that, just a small attraction, but I wouldn't have done anything with her!"
Suzushin suddenly came really close to Zikon and looked at him straight in the eyes, their noses almost touching.
For a moment the two just stood there and stared in each other's eyes. Then they broke away with a nervous laugh.
"So, do you want to see Zinma?" The doctor then asked and made some more tea for them.
"I don't know." Zikon shrugged his shoulders. "We did separate with such a bad term, in other hand I want to see her, but in the other hand I don't want to."
"Whatever you decide Zikon, I promise to be right by your side supporting you."
"Thanks, Suzu."