Chapter 24: Chalice of the Old Blood

[Oshkom 16, 0100 A.R., Elios]

[Streania, Lyrkish Kingdom of Phirames]


"You alright?" Gemia called out to Shinn who was sitting atop the wall within the outer walls.

"Just upset at how I still haven't figured out how to get a class despite being able to pull off powerful attacks," Shinn commented as he looked at the palm of his hand with a frown.

"Don't be, we both still have ways to go before we can attain a class," She reassured him with a smile. "Stay there I'm going to show you something cool!"

Before Shinn can ask further on what she was referring to, Gemia had already sprinted off leaving him slightly confused. But as he was about to call out to Gemia, a flash of bright light caught the corner of his eye allowing him to turn and caught a glimpse of something fast-flying past him covered in golden flames.

And there he saw what she was referring to as he watched Gemia flew to the skies as equipped on her back were a pair of wings that took on the form of golden pentagons that appear to be made of Mana. Shinn just kept a look of awe as she flew around to the surprise of none save for Shinn.

"Must be the first time you saw her Wings I take it?" Cardinal Ame asked him with an amused look as he just nodded quietly. "She called those Arch-Gliders, she designed those herself with the purpose of granting the wielder flight."

"I knew anything was possible but holy shit," Shinn said in awe. "Can I have some as well?"

"It's going to take a while!"

Both turned to find Gemia landing next to him as the wings began to fade away and smiled at him.

"I'm still ironing out the issues such as time limit, weather conditions, and speed," Gemia explained as she turned around revealing a miniature mechanism that was strapped to her back.

"The first can only take you a minute to fly around till the mana reserve in the main backpack finally gives out, the second just a little bit of rain can cause the wings to immediately disappear, and the third can only take you for eighty miles an hour." She explained as she took off the Arch-Glider and handed it to Shinn for him to examine.

"How far are you gunning for?" Shinn asked as he kept a focused stare on the Arch-Glider.

"Two Thousand miles an hour," She said bluntly earning a shocked look from Shinn.

"At least two thousand," She added with a relaxed shrug.

"You should hang out with Hanamiya," Shinn commented. "You two might get along."

"Cause of the fact we're trying to invent something game-changing?"

And the fact that you two have to set a massively high starting bar for your tests. "Yeah," Shinn agreed not bothering to mention another part.

[The Pit, Myrkish Empire of Aegiot]


"So you know when you said I'd stay out of your way," Fafnir told Revan as they walked side by side through the woods.

"You just want to take the other spinal fluids without much effort don't you?" Revan commented.

"That's the plan," Fafnir nodded, Revan was about to retort but one of the Husk Masters arrived and drove her fist in front of one of the Marked Ones that accompanied them and swung a scorpion-like tail into a second one.

"Are you fucking kidding me!" Fafnir shouted as he backed away and readied an arrow but the Husk Master attempted to grab Fafnir by the face only for Revan to quickly grab him by the collar of his shirt and threw him back into a nearby tree knocking him out while Punching the Husk Master in the face with a Kopakian Ice reinforced gauntlet.

"That's one down," Revan said as he dipped his hands in the corpses of the two Marked Ones that were killed earlier and use Winter Magic to freeze it and turn it into a pair of Claws, he proceeded to sprint at the Husk Master and dug his Blood Claws unto the chest and slammed it to the ground.

In contrast to the first one, the Second Husk Master was much easier to dispatch because as soon as he slammed the Husk Master to the ground he had dug his Blood Claws deeper into it and ripped it into two splattering dark purple blood into his body.

It was something Revan recently noticed was that ever since he had gained the [Goetic Corrosion] was that his [Bloodlust] and [Goetic Fury] seemed to have amplified boosting his physical stats but the result leaves him into this berserker-like state where it takes a lot longer to wear off. Which while he finds it useful, it leaves Revan worried that prolonged use would turn him into blood raged berserker.

"Then again," Revan said as took the spinal fluid of the second one and sighed as he looked at the terrified other Marked Ones from the sight. He then looked at the ground as the Husk Master was still crawling away and approached it as he repeatedly stomped on its head turning it into a purple-coloured crushed watermelon.

"I'm a cannibal." He sighed and returned his attention to the Marked Ones and raised them two fingers. "Two options, stay and life or follow me and die?"

The remaining Marked Ones just nodded in silent horror as Revan sprinted off. Eventually, Revan encountered the third Husk Master, this time she was covered head to toe in heavy red chitin armour.

"Heavy Armor huh?" Revan said as he melted the blood claws off his hands and pulled out Icetalon. "Let's see if I can freeze it off."

He sprinted towards her and as Icetalon glowed brightly and prepared to strike her, the Husk Master slammed her fist at Revan first sending him back but he managed to recover fast enough to not get knocked out like what he did to Fafnir earlier.

If it weren't for Icetalon she would have punched out my heart or lungs, Revan thought as he tried his best to avoid the blows made by the Third Husk Master and primarily went on the defensive and in between dodging and blocking he would frequently rely on frost deterioration to chip away the armour through several aimed blows on it.

Eventually, he managed to shatter the armour and finally impaled the Husk Master on the head starting from the chin above.

"Three down," Revan said grabbing the Spinal Fluid. "Six to go."

[Transcendence Volume 2: Awakening]

It was already dusk but finally, Revan managed to sort gather all the remaining Spinal Fluids, though as he fought through the remaining ones he felt a strange suspicion. Like as he progressed through the remaining Husk Masters they well became weaker as he killed more of them.

"This is too easy…" Revan said in a low voice as he readied the Spinal Fluids all of which are contained within several vials that he had prepared as per the advice of Thomas.

This is a trap, He continued as he made his way towards the Center of the Pit which contained a large engraving of the Duskwarden's symbol where he is required to pour all of it in there. Once I hand these all over then a boss will spring up.

Revan began to pour all the vials he heard a faint growling noise from underneath as he continued to pour the eight vial. He tensely gripped the final vial, contemplating what will happen if he had indeed poured the last one.

"I'd stop right there if I were you."

A sly smile made its way into Revan's lips but quickly disappeared into his usual frown and turned towards Fafnir who had finally recovered alongside several other Marked Ones who appeared to be reluctant to face Revan, he knew that the Marked Ones that accompanied him earlier continued to trail him but never directly faced him. Observing what he is capable of, and he decided to let them watch so that they can get a grasp on what he is capable of.

"What are you going to do if I don't?" Revan said challenging him.

"Well for starters I'd shoot your left arm off," Fafnir told him.

"So your aim has improved?" Revan said with a genuine chuckle which earned an amused one from Fafnir as well.

"Anyways, you're going to hand me that and I'm claiming the Chalice for myself." He said as the other Marked Ones reluctantly readied their weapons.

"Alright," Revan said walking towards him and raising both hands in surrender. "I'm way outnumbered anyway, I'll just hand it and–"

"Yeah, I don't think so." Fafnir glared at him as the arrow readied began to glow with large amounts of mana. "You're activating that, I know damn well that it's a trap and you're triggering it for me."

Shit. Revan thought as he sighed and grinned. "Okay, you got me."

He took gripped the vial and after a moment of hesitation poured the last vial onto it as the growling grew louder as he emptied it. And then it stopped, after a moment had passed as both Revan and Fafnir sprinted away as the ground rumbled and then exploded as 'it' manifested.

It was ten foot tall armoured humanoid being, its flesh was deep red and it had several tendrils dangling from its head making it look like dreadlocks. The being roared in anger as if awaken from its deep slumber and slammed the ground forming several spears of blood around it, both of which had grazed Revan and Fafnir but the other Marked Ones backed away in terror.

"That explains the easy part," Revan commented in a low voice as he saw the name.

[Gaurdian of the Chalice, Anguwin]

[Health: 17,000/17,000]

[Level: 200]

Revan paused for a moment to look at his journal and check his Profile.

[Name: Revan Winterwood]

[Race: Aquilan] [Alignment: +20Watcher]

[Level: 85] [Karma: -700 – Traitor]

[Class: Subjugator] [Sub-Class: Manslayer]

[Health: 6610 (-5000)/6610] [Mana: 4900/4900]

[Ki: 7150 (+600)/7150]

[Titles: Subjugator of the Duskwarden, Cannibal, Manslayer]


[VIT: 96 (+60)] [DEX: 105 (+50)]

[WIS: 81 (+50)] [STR: 96]

[WIL: 105 (+60)] [CHA: 81]

[Combat Parameters:]

[Physical Attack: 13,175] [Physical Defence: 4,675]

[Mana Attack: 11,135] [Mana Defence: 2,635]

[Ki Attack: 14,025] [Ki Defence: 3,825]


[Dusk: +1000] [Dawn: -500]

[Earth: 0] [Inferno: 0]

[Sea: 0] [Storm: 0]

[Sky: 0] [Winter: +100 (+50)]


[Ascending Impulse-Manslayer Based|Direct|Lvl 60|Intermediate]

[Battle Continuatio-Bloodlust Based|Utility|Lvl 5|Novice]

[Bloodlust-Normal Based|Utility|Lvl 75|Intermediate]

[Canniblasm-Normal Based|Utility|Lvl 60|Intermediate]

[Elemancy(Winter)-Normal Based|Utility|Lvl 15|Novice]

[Extreme Omnivore-Normal Based|Utility|Lvl 50|Intermediate]

[Executioner's Swing-Manslayer Based|Direct|Lvl 60|Intermediate]

[Goetic Corrosion-Subjugator Based|Utility|Lvl 1|Novice]

[Goetic Fury-Bloodlust Based|Utility|Lvl 5|Novice]

[Instinct-Normal Based|Utility|Lvl 25|Novice]

[Mana Burst (Winter)-Normal Based|Utility|Lvl 35|Beginner]

[Mana Defence (Winter)-Normal Based|Utility|Lvl 35|Beginner]

[Martial Arts-Normal Based|Utility|Lvl 24|Novice]

[Mind's Eye-Normal Based|Utility|Lvl 19|Novice]

[One Handed Weapon (Curved Sword)-Normal Based|Utility|Lvl 75|Intermediate]

[One Handed Weapon (Straight Sword)-Normal Based|Utility|Lvl 75|Intermediate]

[Shade Impulse-Sujugator Based|Direct|Lvl 1|Novice]

[Scourging Strike-Manslayer Based|Direct|Lvl 60|Intermediate]

[Vicious Retribution-Manslayer Based|Direct|Lvl 60|Intermediate]

[Valkyr's Chosen-Valkyr Based|Utility|Lvl 20|Beginner]

I shot myself in the foot there for not boosting my Vitality Attribute very much huh, Revan thought realizing how much does his Goetic Corrosion is eating away at his health. He made a mental note to boost it at a later date.

"Any plans?" Revan asked as Fafnir and the other Marked Ones began to scatter and tried their best to kill Anguwin, who seemed to just casually tank the blows without any issue.
"Kill it," Fafnir said raising his bow and fired a Mana Infused Arrow at it causing a light green explosion from it.

"Fine by me!" Revan said raising Icetalon and reusing the blood that came off from Anguwin's wounds and converted them into swords and launched them towards him. This only seemed to agitate him as he charged at Revan directly and slammed him to the ground and then grabbed him by the neck and threw him at one of the spears that remained in place impaling Revan on the spot.

"Crap…" Revan said as the blow had reduced his health to three digits. "Here we go again…"

As he was about to activate [Bloodlust] he had received a notification.

[New Ability Unlocked: Barbatosian Bloodlust (Passive)]

[+80% Physical Damage when Bloodlust is Activated]

[40 DEX Increase when Bloodlust is Activated]

Revan smiled as he broke the spears that trapped him and readied Icetalon in his Cruel Salvation stances.

[Transcendence Volume 2: Awakening]

As Fafnir avoided Anguwin's blows more of his Marked Ones continued to fight for their lives, but like Revan before him. Anguwin had set his sights on him and him alone.

"Dammit," Fafnir muttered as his bow was snapped in two and prepared a short sword from his waist. "This is way harder than we thought."

But as Anguwin charged Fafnir with the same ferocity and rage as earlier, he caught a red and gold after image as he was impaled on the chest by Icetalon freezing it's blood. Fafnir turned his attention to the person responsible for the impalement as he was covered in reddish gold lightning around him menacingly.

"I'm not done with you just yet." Revan said in cold rage as pulled Icetalon away from it's chest and gave him a heavy kick on the face with a Kopakian Ice reinforced boot with the impact so hard it had shattered.

"Guardian of the Chalice huh?" Revan said as he froze the blood of everything around him and allowed himself to be encased in it forming a suit of armor out of frozen blood. "I wonder what will you taste like once I'm done slaughtering you."

[Transcendence Volume 2: Awakening]

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