Doing everything to ensure the happiness of those we cherish is a great thing. But maybe this yearning for the content of these special people can be our own downfall at times.

In our attempt to improve their lives we may forget that our own comfort and happiness matter just as much as theirs. We are afraid of losing them if we stop investing ourselves in their happiness and instead truly say what we mean or how we feel. We become so caught up in the struggle to keep them in our lives that we only strive to be who or what we think they want. And that might work for a while as we keep telling ourselves that they will change and see what we are doing to maintain the relationship.

But deep down we begin to realize that we are deceiving ourselves. We can feel ourselves suffocating under the pressure of pleasing them and so keeping them in our lives, because losing them seems unbearable.

And then comes the day it all becomes too much and we are forced to decide.

Do we save what is left of that special relationship and forsake ourselves in the process?


Do we save ourselves by sacrificing the remains of the relationship we once shared with that special person?

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