It was time for the dork brains to feed. The cats. They continuously cried when they were hungry. I stayed and watched them eat. They started attacking each other for individual morsels. They were driving me nuts. At last they were done however still crying for more. They sniffed at the bowl, it was one of those dishes where water can be put in a side cup that stores the water underneath. They started sniffing at the hole and then I dumped it over, perhaps there was just food wedged inside. Out spilled some putrid smelling mass of brown liquid. "Uhh!" I winced. The cats started licking it. "No, get away." I smacked the closest fur ball and shoved them all out of the kitchen.

I went back to the reeking splatter of brown substance on the tiled floor. I didn't know what it was, it wasn't cat food. I dumped the rest on the floor and then washed out the inside with dish soap. I got the mop and cleansed the kitchen tile. I could still smell it. It was like rotted food and death. The odor was unpleasant, I couldn't stand it. I sprayed air freshener, air neutralizer, my $100 bottles of perfume, opened the window, it still lingered. I coughed. It was trapped in my lungs. I jumped out the window. I could smell it, it was on me, covering me, devouring me with its' stench.

My dog was outside. She growled at me. "Baby, it's me." Baby snarled. I ran to the garage. For some reason I thought rolling around in oil would help me. The smell was still there. It was on me. I was breathing it.

I could hear the door bell. I scampered to the front door. "That's a scary costume," a trick-or-treater held out his bag waiting for candy.

"I'm not wearing a costume." I started down the street. Kids were running away from me. What was wrong with them? I darted into my neighbors swimming pool. I dove into the deep water and scratched at my skin. I would rather smell like chlorine than whatever that brown stuff was.

Under the water was surprisingly yellow. The water was blue a second ago. I saw something. I screamed underwater engulfing my mouth and throat with water. I swam to the surface. I splashed over to where I had seen it. It was my cat, Fluffy. She was drowned and yellow. I looked down at the water, it was brown and then black. It started boiling. I grabbed Fluffy's corpse and got out of the pool.

"Hey, what are you doing in there?" my neighbor opened his back door. Then he grabbed his chest and collapsed.

"Mr. Sinderson?" I went over to him, he was dead. I needed to get help. I was still carrying my dead cat. I walked on the sidewalk, blending in with the trick-or-treaters. I was surprised they didn't ask me why I smelled or why I had a deceased dripping animal in my arms.

Then the kids dropped dead when I tried to pass them. I ran across the street, an approaching car crashed into a tree that fell on a different group of kids. Was it me? Was I killing everybody? I looked around the neighborhood, it was strange. Everything was brown, then faded into black. I ran home and went inside. I went back into the kitchen and grabbed a trash bag to put Fluffy in. I gazed back at the sink. There was something growing, it was tall and brown, it smelled, and it dripped. I had washed the mop in the sink.

"What are you?" I asked it. "Who are you?" the trash bag floated to the floor.

It growled. It stepped out of the sink and onto the floor. It grew enormous. I ran out of the kitchen. I turned around, gone.

The doorbell rang. I opened the door. Some children stood there. I reached over to the candy dish. I tried to grab it, but it turned to black dust. I tried to grab for more, flies buzzed around. They scattered and went into the air. I swatted at them. I heard loud thuds. Back at the door, children had dropped dead. I screamed. Maybe it was the way I smelled, the smell was killing them.

I jumped into the shower. I scrubbed and then poured the whole bottle of shampoos, conditioners, and soap over my head. It had to be gone. I left the bathroom wearing wet clothes. I sprayed myself with perfume, what I had left. I smelled myself. I was okay. I was saturated in roses, they gave a serious headache. I fell to the floor, I crawled down the hallway and returned to the bathroom to look for some aspirin. I stood up and turned on the light. I found myself staring at my reflection.

It wasn't me, it was a skeleton dripping with the brown, smelling liquid. No eyes, no skin. I wasn't human anymore. I turned away and went back into the kitchen. It was Halloween, I was imagining things. I slipped and hit my back on the tile. That other brown creature grabbed me by my wrist and helped me up.

"Master, you escaped," he whispered in a demonic manner.

"I don't know you, I'm not your master," my voice was disappearing. It was sounding a lot like his.

"You found a vessel and you entered this world. Remember where you came from, Hell? You made it up here on earth and you came on your special day, Halloween."

"No, I'm not your master."

"The vessel speaks, don't worry, I'll get rid of her for you."

Then I said something I didn't mean to say, "Hurry."

The other creature reached down my throat with a slimy skeletal hand and then pulled something out. It was white and smoking. It disintegrated and then I ceased to be, the devil stole my body.