"All right." Bruce sewed the arm onto the doll and put it down on the table. "You are perfect." he looked at the picture of his next door neighbor and then looked at the doll. They were identical.

"I need a drink." Dallee stared at the TV. She couldn't take it anymore, the happy people were partying and she was miserable. She got up and took the entire bottle of wine out of the fridge. She sat down and chugged it all.

"Okay," Bruce took out his spell book, he summoned the spirits of one that would keep him happy, and of the same that would keep him company. "Okay, Dallee, speak to me."

"What is it that you desire, Bruce, my master?" The doll spoke in Dallee's voice. She stood on her feet and bowed before him.

"You will perform your duties and be with me always, Dallee." Bruce demanded of the doll. He rubbed her arm and leaned in to kiss her forehead. "Be with me always, Dallee."

"Yes, Master." The doll blinked repeatedly.

"Dallee Linwood! Dallee, I know you're in there! You owe back rent, either pay up or you have to be out in a week!" The landlord banged on the door.

"What?!" Dallee opened the door. "I paid all rent, I leave it in your mailbox every Monday at the beginning of the month."

"Well, I haven't gotten any payment from you in 5 months, now I wanna know what's up."

"There's nothing up, I paid, you can't evict me."

"By state law and my lawyers say it's okay."

"You can't, I have nowhere to go!"

"You should've thought of that before you gave up on paying me." he walked away.

"Dumb-ass!" Dallee grabbed a rock from her basket next to the door and threw it at the back of his head.

"That's assault!"

"Too bad, you should have thought of that before evicting me!" She slammed her door. "uhhh!" she yelled in frustration.

"Dallee, bring me a martini." Bruce yelled for the doll to serve him.

"Here you are master," The doll brought forth the drink, but as soon as he reached for it, she picked up the glass and splashed it in his face.

"Dallee?" he used his shirt to wipe the liquid off his face.

"Master, you ask too much of me, I feel I am being overworked and underappreciated, perhaps if you acknowledged me more often, I would feel no need for these outbursts." The doll had a calm, yet unnerving manner of speaking.

"Yes, that would be a concern, considering I worship the ground you walk on, Dallee, ever since I created you, I have nothing but love and respect for my favorite person." Bruce honestly believed this was the Real Dallee.

"That's not enough when the whole world has mistreated me for so long."


"I will get you another drink, Master."

"Don't bother, I will be leaving shortly. Enter sleep mode." He got up from the couch, the doll froze.

He did not program his doll this way, he went to see his former master, he did not know what went wrong with his spell, maybe he had accidentally used the wrong potion or the wrong spell, surely, it must be something he did.

"You say that the doll displays strange erratic behavior that you did not intend to place in the doll's motivations?" His master asked with his fingertips touching.

"Yes, was it something I did?" Bruce gave a respectful gaze.

"I have went over your spell, and you did everything correctly."

"You are absolutely certain?"

"Yes. You did nothing wrong. The problem must lie with the person for which you have conjured the doll's existence."

"Dallee? Dallee is perfect. I have lived next to her for years, I have studied her every movement, she has no evil streak or vicious thought against anyone."

"Are you sure? Chucky was conjured from Adolf, they thought he didn't have problems, boy, were they wrong"

"Chucky does not even resemble Adolf."

"He did…at first."

"I do not know what is wrong with my Dallee. The real one is the sweetest person, that is why I chose her to inhabit my doll."

"You do know that that process is draining to her energy cells?"

"Yes, but I do not operate the doll when Dallee is sleeping, I know how important hibernation is for human beings."

"Very good. Leave your Dallee off line for a while, you can't risk destroying the real Dallee,"

"But, sir…"

"You do not know what Dallee Linwood is thinking, she could be something you don't want your doll to be."

"Her existence isn't just vital to me, she is vital to my doll. Without Dallee, my doll is soulless."

"You shall keep her that way for now."


"It is an order. Your Dallee will not be operable."

"Yes…Master." Bruce left.

"I hate her so much, I wish she were dead." Dallee grumbled while staring at her reflection in the bathroom mirror. She was referring to the horrible waitress who had served her half cooked food and extra coffee, no matter what she said, the woman would not listen to her at all.

"Oh, my God." she argued with a former classmate at the department store. "I didn't do that! I don't know what the heck you're talkin' about, I didn't even take Art!"

"Yes, it was you, I remember you, Dallee Linwood, you stole my boyfriend!"

"I didn't even have a boyfriend in high school! Get outta my face!" Dallee tried to shove past her, but the woman spit on the clothes which she was about to purchase."

"What is wrong with you?!" Dallee restrained from punching the stranger in the face.

"This is for everything you did to me!" She ripped the skirt she had slung over her arm. She walked away.

Dallee tried to put the clothes back, but one of the salesperson approached her. "I'm sorry, but you have to purchase the damaged merchandise."

"I didn't do this. It was that other woman, did you not see her destroying these?!"

"Just admit you did this."


"I am sorry, Master, but I cannot deny myself Dallee's company, not for one minute, not for one night." Bruce held the doll in his arms, "Dallee, awaken."

He did not listen to his master, he could not believe that anything was wrong with Dallee or his doll. Nothing would happen, he thought.

"Uh!" Dallee kicked the last box down the stairs, then she heard a loud crash, "Do not tell me that's the porcelain dishes" she groaned.

"What was that?" Bruce walked out of his apartment.

"Just my life." Dallee forced a smile.

"Are you moving, Dallee?" Bruce looked down, he was carrying the doll still, he placed it back inside before Dallee saw.

"Yeah, the landlord kicked me out."

"What?!" His whole world was falling apart.

"Well, unless you can repair shards of porcelain, I better get going to my new apartment." she seemed sweet at that moment.

"Give it to me, I can fix it."

"No, you can't."

"Gimme the chance, I can fix it."

"Okay, you can try it."

Bruce picked up the box and took it inside, he waved his hand. He opened the box and looked at all the porcelain dishes, they were not broken anymore. He returned it to her.

"Wow, that is good, you use glue?"

"No, something else."

"Well, thank you, Bruce, I'm gonna miss you."

He watched her get into her car, and then he called out for her. "Wait, Dallee, don't go!" He reached out as if she were still in front of him.

"This apartment is horrible. Oh, well, it was the only freakin' place I could find on such short notice." She looked around, there was mold growing on the walls, spider webs covering every surface, mice wandering around the corners, dogs barking next door. "I wanna kill myself." she reached into her cooler and pulled out a wine bottle, she sat down on the floor and stared at the rat crawling over her ankle.

"Condemn humans who hurt me, Dallee." The doll watched as Bruce slept and then headed to the kitchen and pulled a knife out of the drawer. She went out the window and set off to town.

"Oh, God, I am so tired!" Dallee yawned and crawled out of bed. "I slept for ten hours," she looked at the clock, "My soul must have been doing some wandering last night, I feel like I haven't slept in two days."

"I have to…" she yawned, "I have to…I don't know what I have to do."

"There was a murder last night on Yellow Street." The news was on in Bruce's apartment.


"A young woman was found in an alley stabbed to death, if you have any information about this crime, please call…"

Bruce opened the kitchen drawer, "What is this?" He saw one of his knives covered in blood.

He turned around and glowered at his doll, "What is this?"

"I don't see anything, Master." The doll had blood splattered across her face. She served her master a platter.

"Did you…did you kill that woman?"

"Surely, I don't know what you speak of, Master."

"Dallee? Tell me what the woman who is vital to your existence is thinking. Tell me right now." He knew now that he should've listened to his master.

"The woman who is vital to my existence does not think, she does not think now."

"What have you done to her?"

"I am Dallee, master."

"Enter sleep mode."

"I cannot sir, I have too much energy."

"Dallee, enter sleep mode."

"I cannot do that, Master." The doll wandered off into the other room.

Bruce ran to his Master. "I'm sorry I didn't listen to you, but I was so lonely and I wanted Dallee to keep me company. But I fear that she may have had thoughts I was not aware of."

"Like murder?"


"Well, unless you destroy either your Dallee or the real one, one of them will commence to get revenge upon the others that have wronged them. You should destroy them."

"Both of them, Sir?"

"No. The doll, no matter what kind of relationship you think you share with her, you can't have a murderous doll running around town."

"No. Can't have that." He sighed. "I will demolish my doll."

"Go on then."

"I can't move." Dallee laid on the floor next to her bed. "I'm so weak, I have almost no energy, God hates me!"

She tried to get up on the bed, it was no use, the doll had used all her energy for the first murder. Dallee had been angry for years, her thoughts didn't stop at one murder, no, she owed revenge on half the town.

"That's for everything you did to me!" The doll pulled the body out of the pizza oven, "No reason to waste the heat on a dead body." The doll laughed. She walked out of the restaurant where the bodies piles around her, she walked down the street where the bodies were very hard to avoid.

"Dallee! There you are!" Bruce tried to ignore the death surrounding him. He picked up the doll. "I'm sorry, I loved you with all my heart." He waited for the bus to come closer. He threw Dallee in front of it. The doll tore into scraps and flew apart.

"I think I'm gonna die." Dallee rolled over. She fell asleep.

When she awakened, she stood up. "I can move." She went outside. "I'm alive again!" She spun her arms around and collapsed on the porch. "Hey. Bruce."

"Dallee, are you okay?" He helped her up.

"Great. Fantastic. I feel so much better."

"Are you sure?"


"You can tell me when you are angry, just tell me."

"I'm not angry."


Just then, the paper boy threw the paper at Dallee. "Sorry, my mistake."

"Okay, now I'm angry." Dallee growled.

Across town, the cloth pieces of the doll sewed themselves together. "Must kill."