The Designated Hitter rule, also known as DH rule in baseball, allows the older players including those who have a history of injuries of injuries to extend their careers. While this rule is a boon for the older players, Jay Sawyer of Chester, Dr believes that it takes away opportunities from younger players. He has observed that the overpaid older players take the batting spots without taking the field, and thus, keep the young hitters from displaying their batting abilities.

In Jay Sawyer's opinion, it is because of the Designated Hitter rule that the American League has missed out on so many talented players and now, the National League is very likely to experience a similar situation. Jay is elated at the fact that the sport is now headed in a direction where this rule will no longer be needed. He emphasizes that the absence of DH rule will spice up the game, and offer the potential for surprise.

About Jay Sawyer

Jay Sawyer is a long-time philanthropist who is associated with several noble causes. He is an animals' rights activist, environmentalist, and an advocate for world peace too. A lover of nature and wildlife, Jay strives hard to inform and educate the masses about the causes that drive him. He is quite determined about making a long-lasting impact on the society.

As far as his personal life is concerned, Jay is a skilled tennis and pickleball player. He takes great pride in introducing himself as the biggest Chicago bear fan who attended more than 10 games in the year 1972 and every single game in the year 1985.