At home, locked in his room by his parents after arguing with Amethyst again, Barnaby wondered what Chester was doing. Mama and Papa said that he was living somewhere else. A special place for bad kids. But Chester wasn't a bad kid. He walked around feeling scared because of him, but he wasn't actually bad. Sometimes Barnaby did things and said it was Chester so Chester would be the one who was punished. That means that it was probably the things that Barnaby did to Chester that made Mama and Papa think he was bad and got him sent away.

It was all his fault that Chester was gone. He wasn't ever going to come back and he wasn't even allowed to talk about him to other people. Not that they would have listened to him; nobody listened to him about anything any more. They all thought that he'd ran into the road and got hit by a car on purpose, been paralysed from the waist down because of it and imagined a brother for himself in the hospital. And he couldn't prove it because his family got rid of all the evidence that he ever existed. All his stuff was gone and Amethyst had convinced everyone that Chester never existed.

Then Barnaby wondered where Chester was. Maybe he was in a care home, sleeping in a strange bed and sharing a room with other children and they were all living under one roof. Were they nice to him? Did he have friends to go to when he was scared? Did he live in a foster home with a pretend mum and dad? Maybe he'd been adopted into a new family who had siblings already. Did Chester call them his siblings? He worried about Chester having a new big brother that he loved more than him. He was Chester's only big brother, and anybody trying to come between him and his brother was going to be beaten up.

He wanted to do everything with Chester now. Play football with him, feed him breakfast, bring him a toy for him to play with, everything a big brother was supposed to do. He'd missed out on a lot of valuable time, so he was going to have to do a lot of catching up. He wanted Chester to properly be his baby brother and to love him unconditionally, if Chester was willing to have a big brother that was in a wheelchair all the time.

Barnaby was going to be a great big brother to Chester. He just had to find him first.