"prude" / Sophomore year of high school, the word becomes your scarlet letter / in health class / as you listen to the other girls talk about sex / when they ask you if you've done it before and you say no / when they start cracking "nun" and "Virgin Mary" jokes / "prude" / Freshman year of college / in a frat house full of drunk, horny guys that smell like too much beer / the one senior that you thought was so hot / the way he hurls the word at you / like a punch / when you push his hand away / as he's kissing you / and starts reaching under your shirt / the look of pure anger on his face / as if you owed it to him / as if he deserved your body just because / "prude" / The devil and the way he taunts you, how the word constantly echoes in your mind / when you finally meet a guy who matters / and you worry if he'll leave you / because you won't "put out" / how you consider doing it / to keep him / keep those warm brown eyes / and how they look at you like you're a gorgeous piece of art / hanging in a museum somewhere / how they make you feel safe / how they comfort you / "prude" / At church, on the altar / as you smile at each other / and exchange rings / as you promise your lives and love / to each other / as you share your first married kiss / amid the cheers of friends and family / and there is no one there to call you / "prude"