Quiet Angels

When we find ourselves in difficult and troubling times and the obstacles before us seem insurmountable, some people will be there to remind us of the power of being human.

If we are lucky, we'll have people in our lives who help us find our way through the darkness and back into the light. It does not matter how long we have known these people or how well we know them. What matters is that these quiet angels are extraordinary people.

They genuinely care about us.

They are the ones who help us find the strength we need to make change happen ourselves.

They empower us when we feel powerless and want to surrender.

They remind us that there is someone there who has our back when we need it most.

They will not ask for anything in return because supporting us is reward enough for them.

They are the quiet angels who heal our broken wings and help us to fly again.

They create a warm and gentle breeze full of love, care and safety and their unwavering belief in our ability to fly again.

If we happen to have the good fortune of having such quiet angels in our lives, we should consider ourselves incredibly blessed. And we should try to be for them what they are for us – quiet angels who heal broken wings and create a warm and gentle breeze for a renewed rise out of the darkness.

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