Crimson pools paint the room
The endless hallway as you move
Black shadows run from the night
To rip you up and eat your light

One door locked, one way to go
As silhouettes refuse to show
You fire your weapon forever
Into shapes that shake and quickly quiver

You hear some screams, you hear them drop
You defend yourself, but they wont stop
The lights come on, the jig is up
They always ran, but you kept up

They're mothers and fathers, they're daughters and sons
Oh how the darkness can fool some
Your weapon empty, your weapon gone
They'll take you in, a jury for one

A shout and a bark come expectedly
A wave of fatigue washes over me
And voices everywhere speaking forcefully

A man with a hammer judging me
A man with a suit defending me
And a cast of eyes watching carefully

The hammer comes down
The people scream loud
And chair with metal crown fries me