Matthew looked over his bags again. Okay, I have my instruments, my clothes, my pictures… Ok! Time to go.

Matthew ran his hands through long, brown hair, which he fixed everyday. That day, Matthew wore a green jacket with a grey T-shirt under it. He wore jeans and rolled the legs up at the bottom, revealing his white socks and off-white shoes.

Matthew walked around the house. He never went outside the state, but his destination rest outside the continent, so he felt nervous. The house would be inhabited for a long time. Six months at most. Matthew picked up his electric guitar. The red and black guitar that Matthew owned, extremely polished as he used it often.

Matthew took the guitar with him. He stuffed it into its case and walked outside.

He took a moment to think, what would fate do with me?

The ideas kept going, but Matthew crashed his train of thought when his dog ran past his leg.

The dog jumped into the car, as he motioned it to.

Matthew smiled a little and got inside of the car. I'll miss that darn dog.

The first destination was his mother's house. Matthew knocked a few times and smiled as his mom, brown haired, fit, and wearing a workout outfit, opened it. She spoke in no exotic accent. "Son? I thought you were going to that new island thing… Starlight island, was it?"

Matthew spoke in a light British accent. "Mum, I can't go until Alto has a place to stay. Do you mind keeping him? You had him first…"

She noticed the angry Shiba Inu in the car. "I'll keep him. I'll tell your sister to watch him while I drive you to the airport, okay?"

Matthew nodded and started walking toward the car. When he opened the door, Alto dashed onto the yard.

Matthew stroked the dog for a little while, before he ran inside and sat down. Mom came back outside, properly dressed. "You ready to go?"

Matthew nodded and got in the car.

On the way, Matthew pulled out his guitar and started slowly strumming. The mood of the car became sad.

Mom glared at Matthew, who sat backseat. "Stop that, please."

He stopped the sad tune and strummed faster. The mood was now happy.

The guitar still bugged Mom. Matthew stopped when she glared his way again.

"When will you start talking like an American?"

"When the cows come home."

She felt a small twinge angry at him. "You know that we want to fit in around here, you not forgetting their accent is not helping."

Matthew shredded an angry riff.

"You know I like it this way…"

They sat in silence for a while.

"We're here."

Matthew looked up. The airport, filled to the brim.

"Wow... "

They parked. Matthew sat there for a moment. "I'd best be leaving…"

Mom stepped out of the car and tightly hugged Matthew.


She waved as Matthew approached the airport.

The wait to actually get to and on the plane took 3 hours. This included the line to get tickets, the line to the metal detector, going through the metal detector, the line to the plane, getting on, putting the luggage away, and finding a seat.

After the plane took off, Matthew looked out the window. It looked cool, for someone who'd only been on a plane once.

The ride was fine, nothing interesting to note.

The next day, the plane arrived early in the morning.

Getting off took just as much time as getting on. The line? Long. The wait? Longer.

Finally, Matthew ran out of the airport. He smelled the air. It wasn't fresh, that's for sure.

He found himself driving the rental car his mom had bought for the trip. The drive to the center of town felt like a long trip. The lines of traffic were HORRENDOUS.

Matthew finally found his way to the middle of the island. The island, the government confirmed, measured up to about the size of a state, maybe two, and probably cost about a few billion dollars.

The closest Matthew could park to the plaza, where the mayor stood, felt like a gruelingly long walk. Matthew walked for a while. It seemed like many other people tried that as well

Matthew had started running, but slammed into somebody.

"HEY, watch it, Punk!" The lady he bumped into stood an entire foot taller than him.

"Ah, sorry..."

The lady wore a white lab coat on the street. Weird lady…

Matthew headed to the plaza, where the mayor gathered everybody who had already arrived.

The mayor looked a tall, slim guy. "Hello, citizens… or most of you… we are excited to open this state up, it has been in the works for several years, most of us didn't even believe we could reach this point..."

A man walked past Matthew, but Matthew didn't get a good look at him before he walked past. All he caught in his peripherals were a figure in a jacket.

The lady in a lab coat from earlier sat beside him.

The mayor continued. "You guys are lucky to have made it here, as only a few airports actually wanted to fly here. Now, we made sure that no one tried to sabotage this event, but we didn't scan everyone. No need for that, though. We must tour this entire state soon. Right after we finish settling businesses here, you guys can go and explore to your heart's content. You are allowed to stay in the official hotel for free, as a reward for arriving so early."

The mayor waved and the people dismissed.

The hotel was large, 5 floors, and had a line. Matthew frowned, as the line made him stuck behind a guy that looked relatively short. He stood a several inches shorter than Matthew. And Matthew claimed shortness upon himself.

The short guy with blond hair did NOT sit still. He would pick up his phone, then put it back. He would pace in place. He would check his watch. He would tap his foot. He would poke the person in front of him.

Finally, Matthew made it to his room on the third floor. Matthew played a little on his guitar before listening closely. The person in the room next to his made a lot of noise.

Some sort of drill was going off repeatedly, faintly. Very hard to hear.

Matthew, after texting to his family that he was okay, tried to go to sleep.

While Matthew layed in bed, he heard something in the room again.

Someone spoke. "Okay. The gas is prepared. In about… a day… or two, it's showtime."

The next morning, the mayor gathered everyone again.

"I hope you guys slept fine, I know I did." The mayor guffawed.

"Okay, today, we have a few little restaurants open. You should be able to get some breakfast. The meeting later today will be the tour of the completed city, so don't be late!"

They dismissed, and searched for the nearest place to eat.

Matthew picked the nearest bagel restaurant. He ended up with this weird dude, sporting side-swept hair which hung long on one side and short on the other, the back just grew, Matthew assumed.

His piercing grey eyes stared right into Matthew's soul.

Matthew tried not to stare back. The guy started fiddling with a tablet. The tablet beeped in tune with the way he tapped his foot. The man looked up, and saw a plane pass. He pressed a button on the screen, then stood up and walked away.

As the tall guy walked away, the shorter, more energetic one from earlier walked up. "Is this seat taken?" He said, loudly. He spoke in no accent.

"No." Matthew said, his eyes fixated on his phone.

The guy plopped into the seat. "I'm Clyde, by the way." greeted he, sticking out his hand.

Matthew shook it. "My name's Matthew. Nice to meet ya!"

Clyde tapped the table, impatiently. "So… can you talk in any other accents?"

Matthew went to talk, but Clyde interrupted. "I can." He smiled. "Like I said, I can speak in many other accents. Like this 'un." Clyde said, in a heavy British accent.


"Ya'd think that a man from Canada would speak native to their country, but naw. I know many accents. I don't even remember which accent's ma own." Clyde imitated a country accent perfectly.

Matthew, after listening to the fantastic display, actually ordered food. He got a salad. Clyde jeered about the salad being boring.

Later, they assembled for the island tour. They all, and I mean all, everyone on the island, very few, were in the plaza. The mayor signaled as a bus drove up and everyone got in. Matthew sat alone on the second row.

The bus drove around for a little bit, as the mayor called out the names of the individual cities on this large island.

The mayor passed the laboratory, when the tall, brown-and-side-swept-haired guy from earlier started muttering things like, "Not yet… we're too close for that. Distance is key…"

Finally, they reached the plaza again, with the tall man absent

He sat on the mayor's podium. When the mayor saw him, he started walking forward, a bit faster than normal.

"I'm sorry, sir, I don't remember ever seeing you enter. What is your name?"

The guy ignored the mayor, stood up and started fastening a gas mask to his face.

The mayor motioned to the security guards.

The man tapped his watch and a large, purple dome went over them, blocking out the security guards.

"Sunlight creates a fissure within the antimatter. We don't want that." the guy mumbled quietly.

Matthew looked at the dome. "We're trapped in…"

The guy, his voice now muffled by the mask, started laughing. "Of course you are. That was the plan."

The people started touching the dome.

"UV dome, it blocks UV rays from blowing up what I'm gonna fill this dome with. The dome kinda prevents you from escaping."

They all started banging on it, trying to get out. Matthew saw Clyde take something from the mayor and run to the bus.

Clyde drove the bus into the dome. The dome quaked and they all looked around. The man in the center began placing a weird looking thing on the ground.

Clyde turned the bus around and drove down the road. He stopped, turned it around, and sped toward the dome again. Matthew felt the air get dense. The device released a gas and they all started coughing. Clyde rammed into the dome, and it went down.

The man screamed and an explosion occurred, knocking them all away.

Matthew flew away. As he went dark, he looked toward his guitar. It sparked with energy. Matthew tapped it, a shock went through his body, and he passed out.

Matthew woke up in a bed, his arm in a cast.

Matthew looked around. Where is my guitar?

Matthew tried to remember what happened. The man at the plaza.

What have I walked into...?

If you are reading this, WELCOME! This is the first Author's Note.

You get to read about my OCs! Now, this is the anticipation for the bigger story, in which I plan to make during the summer.

Matthew will return.