A few months after Starlight Island...

Fairgrounds- 8:00 PM.

Matthew tapped his foot, impatiently.

"Oliver, hurry up! We're gonna miss all of the good stuff!"

Oliver, a taller sorta guy, dark-skinned, wearing an orange hoodie and sweatpants(of which he claimed was, "his style,") stepped out of the public restroom.

"Ok. I think that deep-fried butter finally wore off…" he groaned, a queasy look on his face.

"I warned you not to eat that! Besides, the guy making it was just trying to get rid of the butter that went bad in his fridge. I told you that!" Matthew reiterated.

"But," Oliver paused as he readied his hour-long speech, "carnival and fair food is a very VERY rare thing to eat. See, even if it DOES upset my stomach, I'll always eat it, because I don't know when another carnival rolls in! It could be after I'm dead!"

"It's an annual thing, Oliver, you'll live to eat it again." Matthew sighed. "Besides, we're famous, people will ask us to show up and perform at other carnivals!"

"Yeah, but what if Audrey crashed the bus on the way home and we died, hm?" Oliver queried, "Then where'll we get carnival food from? I'm just saying, she's gonna give me a heart attack, one of these days!"

"If you keep eating that butter, maybe she won't have to. Besides, she couldn't come and will NOT drive us home." Matthew joked, before walking off to the attractions.

The attractions sucked, frankly. Matthew found himself scoffing at several of the lackluster rides that broke almost instantly.

Matthew, too caught up in seeing the terrible attractions, slammed into somebody in his path.

"Oh! S-sorry!" He caught himself halfway through his apology.

A glasses wearing lady with white hair and a strange vibe coming off her stumbled back.

"Oh. Excuse me." She blurted, before quickly walking past Matthew.

He glanced back at her for a second- an action Oliver noticed relatively quickly.

"What're you staring at, playboy? I mean… you can't stare at something she don't have-"

Matthew elbowed Oliver's ribcage.

"T-that's rude! Besides, I think I've seen that lady before, somewhere… but where it was escapes me."

"Liar." Oliver snickered.

As they passed the fireworks, Matthew noticed the man over it giving him a weird stare.

"C-can I help you?" He asked, uncertain.

The man beamed.

"Sorry, I just… tend to get carried away… This job is... dangerous, as my superiors say… but it's no fun. So, and let's keep this little secret between us…" The man leaned in, as did Matthew. "I might have to cause… a little trouble..." The man's voice flickered with fear and excitement. "I apologise if anyone gets hurt." He laughed, before noticing Matthew's concerned gaze.

Matthew frowned. "What are you talking about, "trouble?"

The man leaned forward.

"You know what I mean. Right over there, I'm going to cause some trouble, just like I did at Starlight, just like I did at the white house." He whispered, his voice trembling with boundless energy. "Remem-mber me?"

"Hey, Matthew, is everything okay?" Oliver butted in, seeing his friend's concerned face.

Vincent pulled out a box, that terrifying smile still plastered on his face.

"Here, I'll give you a freebie. On me." he chortled, "Take it."

Matthew took the box, trying not to look terrified.

"T-thank you, sir."

As they walked, Oliver took the box from Matthew and stopped him.

"Okay, what did that weird fireworks guy do to you? Was HE that ex you always talk about?"

Matthew sighed.

"No… he's… someone else… We met on the island."

"So he's a different ex, then?" Oliver chuckled.

"Oliver, I'm sorry, but this is no time for jokes. He's dangerous. VERY dangerous! And kind of the reason I can do the thing with the guitar." Matthew glanced at Vincent, who spoke to someone else now, that smile still on his face.

"Then why can't you just do that now? He'll be subdued long enough for the cops to lock him up." Suggested Oliver.

"Th-that's the problem… he was jailed shortly after the island. Like, solitary confinement. There was no possible way he should have escaped, but he DID. Odds? Luck? Skill? BEING REALISTIC? None of it matters to this guy, he takes reality as some sick joke!" Matthew ran his hands through his hair. "And what do we do if he arms another bomb, eh?"

"Well, we can be vigilant and have a plan if he does." Oliver answered, as he got serious. "We can't let him mess around anymore. It'll seem like assault if we just jump him now, so-" Oliver turned and flinched at Vincent, standing right beside him.

"Hey, boooooys… you opened the box yet?" He asked, as he held his hands behind his back.

"No… not yet." Matthew stated, taking back the box.

"Oh. Okay. Well, I'll just say this- what's inside is gonna blow you away. Both of you… if you stand close enough, that is…"

Matthew put his hand on the box, as if he were to open it.

"What's inside?"

"I'll warn you- it's highly explosive. So don't open it in ANY environment with fire or flammable materials. It'll hurt, BADLY and I will lose my job! So, PLEASE, don't touch it near any fire!"

Matthew opened the box, preparing for it to blow up. He sighed in relief, as the box held normal fireworks.

Oliver turned back to Vincent.

"Uhh… well… thanks for giving us the free fireworks…?"

Vincent tipped his hat, before turning to leave- only pausing to glance back and mumble, "Good luck."

30 minutes later…

Matthew and Oliver found themselves sitting at the fireworks show.

"You know, friend, I'm glad that bomb dude didn't pull anything funny." Oliver chuckled as he sipped his blue-raspberry slushie.

Matthew sighed.

"Yeah. I guess he's refraining from hitting us with it. But still, that's not good!" Matthew paused to sip his cherry slushie.

"Well, we're just gonna have… to…" Oliver grogged, before falling asleep.

"Huh?" Matthew looked at his slushie. "What in the…" He tried to say, before he passed out.

? later…

"M...! Matthew! WAKE UP!" A voice called.

Matthew woke up to Vincent poking his face.

"Hello! Finally! I drugged your drink, put you AND Olives to sleep, and will have you both out of here safely by…" Vincent yanked up Matthew's hand to look at his watch. "10:00 PM."

"Wh-why?" Matthew groaned, "Why me?"

"Because you've already been hit with an antimatter blast once, and I don't plan to kill anymore humans. I think the accidental five is enough."

"B-but that's…"

"Still wrong? Yup. But killing somebody adds another life sentence to my list, and I don't want any more life sentences… even though antimatter could deatomize any wrong host in seconds..." Vincent sighed, shortly after. "I'm being generous. So, if you want to live, stay right there until… 10:00 PM. And I'll let you go! Or just escape… it isn't THAT hard."

"Wh-where's Oliver?!"

"Oh, Olives. See, he doesn't HAVE antimatter yet, so he'll be a number one contribution to my research. Oh, and this place blows SKY HIGH one hour after you are let go. So, a thought would be to escape prematurely… to not die. Other than that… See you later, Mr. Anders!" Vincent sang, as he sashayed out of the fireworks shack.

A few minutes into his sitting there, Matthew came to the sudden realization- Oliver was in danger.

Adrenaline flowed through Matthew's veins- as well as something stronger. He tore the ties around his hands and kicked open the shack door.

He scanned the area, nobody guarded their shacks- including the guitar one.

Matthew scooped up an electric guitar and darted towards the fireworks show.

There Vincent stood, in front of a captivated crowd. Seemed like no one suspected that he'd soon pull anything.

And then he pulled something. Vincent turned back and things played out almost exactly as it did with the island- first the dome.

A huge, purple dome went over the area, trapping the people inside.

The dome stopped right before it finished covering the area. Matthew glanced back.

"I… stopped it?" The same lady from earlier gasped, "I stopped it! But how do I get in? I can't walk AND do this!"

Matthew turned to the dome again.

"I can do this…" He reminded himself as he slowly approached the dome.

Matthew stepped under the unfinished dome and saw Vincent, monologuing to a tied up person.


Vincent whirled to see Matthew.

"Oh, it's just you." He sighed, then went back to monologuing.

Matthew sighed.

"Take me seriously, you sicko!" He snapped, loud enough for Vincent to hear.

"Why? The antimatter didn't even do anything to you, you're just a normal boy. What are you gonna do that I, the fearless villain, should be trembling about? I have NO reason to take you, a weak little boy, seriously." Vincent chuckled.

Matthew pulled a guitar pick from his pocket and the guitar, strangely enough, began to glow.

Vincent raised a brow. "Oh. It glows." He smirked.

Matthew aimed the guitar so that the top faced Vincent, then played a C-Minor- which caused a HUGE energy beam to fly from the strings, to the neck, then out from the top- at Vincent.

Vincent sidestepped the beam and laughed.

"So, THAT's what happened, eh? You can… do stuff… with… guitars?"

"Anything I can make music with is a weapon against YOU, pal!" Matthew taunted.

"Oh, is that so-" Vincent's retort was cut short to the dome disappearing.

"H-huh?" He looked around, as the people once trapped inside ran away. "What in the…"

"Vincent!" Another voice called.

Matthew turned around. The lady from earlier and some guy, way shorter and sporting short, blond hair, stood, not far from Matthew.

Vincent sighed.

"More dorks from the island… Great. What do YOU guys want?"

The shorter one sighed and grumbled something intelligible, before basically moving faster than Matthew could comprehend to grab Vincent and throw him off the stage.

"Listen, Vincent." The man sighed, "We're taking you into OUR containment, where you will not escape."

"Oh, really," Vincent snickered, as he got to his feet, "and WHO's gonna make me?"

The man did the thing again, moving faster than human comprehension, to grab Vincent by the collar.

"I AM." Said he, oddly calm.

Matthew readied another beam- this one aimed at Vincent's head. As he plucked the string, Vincent's head burst into what seemed like pixels, all flying in their own directions.

The man glared at Matthew.

"What the…" He dropped Vincent's body and looked around.

The real Vincent yanked up Oliver(who was tied up and KO'ed the whole time,) and injected his arm with a syringe.

"Oops! Was that the high-power antimatter syringe? My bad!" Vincent teased, "He should start spasming out, but he should be fine… as long as he gets medical help… but I've gotta run, so I'll leave that in YOUR hands! See ya!"

Vincent took a bow, then vanished.

Matthew ran up to Oliver, who began to squirm and writhe.

"What the heck's happening?!"

"The high-power antimatter's fusing into his blood." The man sighed, "I'm sure he'll live. That is, if he has a strong will to live and enough adrenaline to endure it."

"What are you even talking about?!" Matthew yelled.

"Okay, let me explain." The man insisted, "My name is Clyde Sterton, we met at the island- but that's not important. We tracked Vincent here. We knew he'd pull this mess, so we came here prepared- only for him to shove a wrench in our plans as he drugged you and held you hostage."

"Why did I never recognise you? Is it because you're short?" Matthew pondered, getting a scowl from Clyde.

"Listen, I think my… accomplice, Alice, ran after Vincent, but he could be anywhere. I need you to monitor your friend here, okay? He'll be fine, as long as nothing happens… just make sure he isn't glowing, or anything. That would mean he's about to explode, and you should run."

"Oliver's gonna blow up?!" Matthew blurted.

"If you don't keep him safe, maybe. Listen, I'll find you later, just keep him safe, okay?"

Matthew nodded, slowly.

And then Clyde was gone.

And then it hit him. The place was gonna blow soon.

Matthew looked around, frantically. Sirens blared in the distance, bringing a glint of hope to Matthew's soul.

"How… how do I get him out of here…?" Matthew pondered, until the best idea at the current moment came to him.

Matthew scooped up Oliver's limp body- a feat he knew he'd normally never be able to pull… but somehow, he did it.

Matthew staggered to the entrance, very slowly. Oliver flicked awake, halfway through the trip.

"M-man… my chest feels funny." Oliver groaned, sluggishly.

"Don't worry, buddy. We're almost there." Matthew reminded Oliver (and himself.)

"Almost where? Am…I dead? Did we die?"

"No, you're still alive."

As they reached the gate leading out, the adrenaline halted. Matthew staggered forward anyway, ten times slower than the previous speed.

A few paramedics finally grabbed Oliver from Matthew's hands, a true relief.

The medics puzzled over what was wrong, none of them knew why Oliver felt the way he did.

They also began to ask questions, to none of which the answers actually helped, so they put him in the ambulance and traveled to the hospital.

During their travels, the fairgrounds detonated behind them, causing the area to rain pieces of shrapnel.

The hospital…

"Oliver's been here for a week and there's nothing wrong with him, we've seen." The doctor began, "He was suffering from a tachycardia attack, to which we were able to save him… but you should keep an eye on him in case he gets any more attacks. We don't know what caused the attack, but it was… intense. If he has any more, you bring him here, okay?"

Matthew slowly nodded, before they brought Oliver out.

"Hey… I think that butter kinda got to me…" Oliver groaned, tiredly.

Matthew laughed, sarcastically. "Let's not go to any more fairs in my life, okay?"

"Hey, just because a terrorist showed up at one doesn't mean I'm not going! But… for now, I think I'll eat something that doesn't clog some fool's arteries… Can we get a salad?"

Matthew helped Oliver get to the car, before answering, "A salad would be nice. But… I went back to the house, and Audrey wasn't there the entire week I stayed there. Did she ever visit you?"

"I think she showed up once." Oliver recollected, "Said she'd met an old friend. I told her about the butter thing."

"An old friend…?" Matthew shrugged, "Meh, I know she's got everything under control. Now, what type of salad are you thinking about?"


"And don't drown it in ranch dressing this time."

"Maybe we shouldn't get a salad."

...well, it's been a while, hasn't it?

Remember what I did for the island?

Matthew and Oliver will return.