Alice Lilliana Arolyte, a tall, white-haired, genius, looked at the invitation in the mail.

The third letter bugging Alice about the project about an island announced a few months ago stood before them.

A haven for energy found at sea became known to America- attracting greedy presidents.

"What's there this time?" Called her grandfather, whom she lived and raised with. "Stupid retiring home garbage again?"

He came down the stairs and looked at the invitation.

"Wow… you helped with that?"

Alice put the invite in her coat pocket. "Yes, but I'd not waste my time with-"

He grabbed Alice by the shoulder. "Go on, now. I'd not waste the opportunity to see the fruits of my efforts. Or you could give that invitation to me. I think I would enjoy a sight like that."

Alice looked around. "I don't think that I would enjoy my system being used for their own benefits without-"

"It's free..."

Alice didn't react.

"And it's run by Ferris. You hate Ferris."

Alice found herself on the way to the island.

The plane driver looked up from a book about whales.

"Oh… it's you. I didn't expect you to actually want to go. Are you at least ready?"

"Well, it is my energy system, I'd hate for it to go to waste on that dumb mayor's budget. Basically, the government is stupid and I am smarter than them. Let's go."

The guy rolled his eyes. "Okay, Mr. President."

Alice whirled around and got really close to the driver, looming over him. "Say that again."

He stuttered. "Uh- N-nothing! N-nope."

She turned around, as the driver sighed in relief.

The plane, much to Alice's dismay, didn't move or stir. "Well? You gonna go, or are you just gonna-"

"No, I'm waiting for someone. I was instructed to bring TWO scientist people."

Alice rolled her eyes behind her large, reflective glasses.

"Exactly WHY are we waiting on someone who's job I could probably do better?"

The driver turned around in his seat. "Well, he's- uhh… how do I put this… energetic… and very incompetent. An attention span of 3 seconds. As if he were a child, but his work is brilliant. I can't compare it to YOURS-"

Alice yanked the driver up by his collar. "Are you saying that my work is rivaled by a CHILD?!"

The driver started shaking again. "N-no, not like that, more like… he acts like a child, but thinks like Einstein. Apparently he lives with his mom."

Alice dropped the driver. "That makes no sense."

"I know. But he is really good at what he does, even if it takes long amounts of time to do anything…"

Someone knocked on the plane door. The pilot stood, but Alice had already opened it.

A short, blond haired, brown-eyed man with a light blue sweater, jeans, and a backpack stood at the bottom. "And… who are you? Where is your parents-"

The man frowned, and the driver pushed Alice out of the way. "Show some respect, this guy is the guy I was just talking about. Though… I thought you would be a lot taller…"

The man looked around, before pushing past the other two, and finding himself a seat, sitting his bag right beside himself.

Alice sat across from him. The guy had an ID, just like hers. He fiddled with it a little.

His ID said, "Clyde Leslie Sterton. Scientist ID and pass."

Alice noticed him staring back at her. She quickly looked away. How does this guy rival ME?

Once he had looked away, Alice kept reading the ID. "Age: 27. Height: 4,11. Weight: 107 lbs."

Two years older than Alice, a foot and two inches smaller, weighing 23 pounds less than Alice, just added to the shock factor.

She looked dumbfounded at the sight of a small and childish guy being just as genius as her.

The pilot returned and they started moving. The plane started picking up speed, and they took off.

The ride itself took 2 hours. Clyde made weird noises, squirmed, texted people, muttered things, solved his rubix cube 3 times, and ate probably all the snacks he had packed.

Once they had reached the island, Alice got off and took a deep breath. Smelled fine, but felt weird.

The mayor approached them. "Ah! Ms. Arolyte! I hope your ride was enjoyable, even with Mr. Sterton on board. He has his days."

Clyde began to walk away, but the mayor caught him.

"Mr. Sterton, where are you going?"

Clyde stopped. "To town… where is town?"

The mayor sighed as if his largely stupid-looking smile were fake.

"Right this way. Some of the guests have already arrived, so feel free to converse among them."

A decent amount of people stood in the nearby airport.

The mayor walked away, leaving Clyde and Alice to walk around, but Clyde disappeared instantly.

Alice started walking. Might as well meet some new people…

Alice walked up to a bench, where someone was sitting. The man sitting there held a book open and sloppily sketched some sort of device. There were some notes around the sketch, like, "Placement must be perfect for it to work, range or height? To what amount should I use? WHEN?"

The man slammed the book, turned around and growled, "Can I help you?" very harshly, or, for those who interpret tone, "Go the heck away, I don't want to see your stupid face."

Alice backed away.


There were more people, a man with a red guitar and a green jacket, a woman in a jacket with a fire design on it, Clyde, the guy with the journal, and the mayor.

Alice went and sat near the girl with black hair, green eyes, and the fire jacket.

The girl leaned up from her laptop to express the complaint: "Why does it smell like dish soap in here?"

Alice glared, very clearly not noticed. The guy from earlier with the journal walked past and whistled. The girl shut her laptop and got up.

Alice looked up right as Clyde plopped himself on the bench. "What's up?"

She ignored the most of Clyde trying to get her attention, so he walked off.

The mayor started calling everyone together. Alice started walking, but some kid with a guitar slammed into her back. "Hey! Watch it, Punk!"

"Aah!... Sorry!"

Alice frowned and kept walking. Finally, she sat down beside the kid who bumped into her. The journal guy walked past and sat in the front.

After the unprofessional mayor announcements, Alice finally approached the fire-jacketed girl.

She had an ID, just like Clyde.

Her ID was a bit different, not being blue, but red.

The ID said, "Vicky Iroquis Vader"

Alice approached and attempted to start a conversation. "Hey- uhh… what's your name?"

Vicky smiled a little. "I'm Vicky…" They both held the silence for a minute.

"And you are…"

Alice's heart jumped. "Oh… I am Alice. My friends call me Allie-" If I had any…

Vicky was looking around repeatedly, as if she were looking for something.

"Do- uhh… do you know where Vincent went?"

Alice tilted her head in confusion. "Who is Vincent?"

Vicky's eyes went wide. "OH! I meant Freddy, that's his name, the tall, emo, brown-haired guy who was following me. Freddy. That's his name. Not Vincent. Freddy."

"Well… I don't know where… Freddy… is, but I'll keep an eye out for him…"

Alice went to her room for the night, seconds after finishing the awkward conversation.

The next morning, the mayor announced a few things and they went to go get breakfast.

Alice sat at a table, but there were a lot more people the next day, so Alice sighed as she realized Vicky and her were stuck at the same table.

Vicky stared straight into Alice's soul, not even looking aside.

Vicky sat there and stared at Alice not speaking or moving for about fifteen minutes.

Alice finally tried conversing. "What's your relation to… Freddy?"

Vicky looked at her hands, which were now in her lap as she leaned back.

"He's… my partner. Just a travelling buddy. He's cool."

Alice felt as if that weren't a valid answer. "But… why are you following him?"

"Because, he's very important to me, and I'd rather not lose him- Where'd he go?"

Alice sighed as Vicky stood up and left to go find Freddy.

Clyde sat at another table, speaking with the guitar kid.

Alice huffed, and internally freaked out when Vicky hastily sat down again.

"I found him. He's looking at the plaza."

Alice sighed again. "Does he… approve of whatever the heck you are doing?"

Vicky shrugged. "Dunno. All he ever gives me is either a nod, a yes, a no, or a head shake. Not much else, except for the occasional God knows."

Alice finally got around to eating the food ordered a long time ago.

Alice began to suspect that Vicky had a mental issue.

The mayor, at the near end of the day, called everyone together for a complete tour.

Alice got to sit at the front, with Vicky. Vicky kept glancing at Freddy, who sat near the guitar kid.

The mayor stopped the buses for something, and Alice looked around.

The end of the trip went weirdly.

Alice had gotten off, and noticed that the mayor was trying to get Freddy off of his podium.

Freddy tapped his watch and a large, purple dome went over the plaza, trapping most of them inside. Some of the guards and policemen were left out of the dome, and Clyde was out as well.

Alice sat outside of the dome. She started running her hands up the side.

Freddy wore a gas mask as the dome filled with a weird, yellow-orange gas. Everyone inside coughed and hacked. Alice flew back as Clyde rammed the bus into the dome at full speed. The dome shattered, purple shards everywhere.

Alice, in the five seconds before everything blew up, felt the shard lodged straight into her forehead.

? later...

Alice woke up in her bed, at her house, away from the island, as if it never happened.

"You've been asleep like that for 2 months." Her grandfather walked in.

"What happened to you on that island? During your sleep, things would randomly start floating, you'd start panicking, the objects start floating, spinning, the room did everything when you started breathing heavy. And then it would stop. You would be calm again…"

Alice understood none of that.


He sighed. "You were returned with that injury, the weird floating deal and a coma. What happened?"

Alice will return...

What's the deal with Vicky?

Q: When does this happen?

A: The entire prologue is the same period of time, just in different perspectives.