The Coyote's Land

Mohave was a coyote who lived in the desert wasteland, far from civilization. He was the self-appointed king of his domain, living his best life possible. He spent most of his days napping in his den and playing in the nearby water spring. Enjoying the bounty of the hare herd and all the fresh fruits the bushes provided. Most of all, he enjoyed the quiet nights where only his howls could be heard. He couldn't be happier with his isolation.

Until one day, he heard from the bird flocks that they have seen a pack of humans coming to the desert. Mohave has heard of the humans, and the areas they lived in. They didn't like it when he went to their territories so why were they coming to his? He asked the nearby birds what brings them here.

"Apparently they're having an epic clash with each other!" Said a wren.

"And so to be safe, large tribes of them are moving to our land to be away from the bloodshed." Concluded a dove.

Mohave grumbled to himself. What was the point of allowing a species into their land when they couldn't handle their own? Who knows what troubles they would bring to their home!

Eventually, caravans of humans started to migrate into the desert. Must to the dismay of the animals, but mostly to Mohave. They started to step up camps which affected all the lives of the creatures but mostly to him. They hunted the jack rabbits that hopped around, leaving almost nothing for him. Even with the fruit bushes they took all to themselves. His beloved watering hole was occupied by them cleaning themselves and their clothes. But worst of all, they ruined his special nights! He couldn't even hear his howls due to the loud sounds of their horrid music!

As the days went by and the more Mohave had to deal with this he got angrier. How dare these humans barge into his land uninvited and ruin everything he holds dear! It wasn't his fault their society failed so why should he suffer like them? He would not let himself become an outcast of his own land. So one night, he found the courage to get closer to their campsite. Standing strong he barked and growled at them, doing anything to scare them off. Making sure they knew they weren't welcome. They paid little to no attention to him, they just kept on looking down at the fireplace they surrounded. This angered Mohave even more, he didn't want his message to be discarded. He got even closer, this time biting onto the pant leg of a human and pulling. To let him know he needed to go. He tugged and tugged until...Bonk! The man hit the top of Mohave's head!

"Just leave us alone you dumb jackal!" Yelled the human. "Can you see we've been through a lot already?"

Mohave looked around at the human pack. They looked tired, overworked, and just as hungry as he was. Mother's were doing their best to tend to the young, rocking them back and forth to finally get them a good night's sleep. Lot's of them even had scars and bandages covering their body, but it was their eyes that were the most damaged. They looked like they had seen atrocities. A sense of guilt and sympathy started to wash over the coyote's body.

"Maybe I was the selfish one for not sharing this beautiful land... " He thought to himself as he walked away with his ears and tail low.

The next day Mohave managed to catch a hare. Instead of eating it himself he took it to the border of the human camp. All the humans stopped what they were doing to see him standing with the game. He dropped the meal onto the ground and nudged it with his nose, he then started to turn away. Until the man who hit him kneeled down and offered him some berries. Mohave slowly came to eat it from his hands. The man then slightly petted the coyote's head. A silent apology to each other. Picking up the hare, the man went back to the center camp with Mohave following.

That night the coyote howled alongside with their singing and instrument playing. Turns out there was room for the humans, he just needed to find it in his heart.