It was five days before Spring Break. It was raining on a Wednesday. The kids are leaving for Florida on Monday and are excited about going. They were getting ready to do a test tomorrow.

At lunch, Buster said, "I can't wait until Monday."

"Me, either," said Jenny.

She had just lost her mother a few weeks ago from cancer. Mrs. Cooper's memorial service will be at the end of April. Now, she's in progress of getting adopted by her godmother, Brenda, who's the mother of Jenny's best friend, Lena. The final signing from the judge is in May. She'll be gaining a sister who is also fighting cancer and is losing her battle. Jenny haven't told Lena the news to surprise her.

"The triplets are going to pack this week since we'll be in the new house during Spring Break," said Buster.

"Good idea," said Haylee.

Buster's family grew when the triplets came to the family last summer when they lost both of their parents: their mom had cancer two years ago and their father had just died from a car crash after the Hardings moved to Dover. Buster's father, Justin, who was the former diplomat, is attending the Bartending School. Plus, Buster got twin baby brothers, Mike and Jake, who are currently staying with their parents in their bedroom.

Their father had to get a bigger house because their house of nearly a year only has three rooms and there's no extra bedroom for the twins to have their own space. The new house has four rooms. The nine-year-old didn't need to change schools this time.

He's into sports. He started a new sport: hockey that will end in a few weeks and went back to practice two weeks ago. His team will be facing Trenton Jackets and would be in Boston.

What helped him is that he started skating when he was five and does skating events. He's going to be in the finals for the event that will be taken place in May. The lessons would be resume after Spring Break. The top three- including Buster- would be competing with a lot of other top three skaters from different areas.

After lunch, the kids were watching a movie since it was still raining. Buster and his group use recess to practice for the baseball try-outs. It's for a camp that would be traveling for the games. It's the first time for Buster since he was always moving almost every summer.

After school ended for the day, Buster went to the rink for hockey practice. They still have to practice three days a week. They have one more this week before Spring Vacation.

After practice was over, Coach Gomes said, "Due to the holiday, the practice will be moved to tomorrow. The finals will be after you return from Spring Vacation. You'll be excused from school from April 24th to May 2nd unless we return early. We just need to win at least four games to win the finals. The permission slips will be sent to you before you go home. You can have your parents and teachers sign them and return to me tomorrow when you come to practice one last time. Thank you and see you all tomorrow."

He gave out the slips to his players. Buster went to go change, put the slip in his folder, and went home.

At home, Buster showed his mom, T.J. the permission slips and signed it.

"I just needed Mrs. Pierce to sign it as well. And, I have practice tomorrow instead of Friday due to a holiday," said Buster.

"Okay. Your grandparents invited to spend the weekend with them & Nana for Easter and return Monday," said T.J.

"The triplets and I are leaving for Florida that Monday. We won't know about the time until tomorrow," said Buster.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot about that. Thank you for reminding me," said T.J.

"That's okay," said Buster.

"I'll call my folks after dinner. Your father's bringing home moving boxes tomorrow," said T.J.

"I'll try to fit that in later because I have to study for a test tomorrow," said Buster.

"That's fine," said T.J.

After dinner, T.J. said, "We'll be spending the Easter weekend in Trenton. We were going to stay until Monday, but Buster reminded me about the trip. I nearly forgot you guys are leaving that day."

"At least he told you," said Lee.

"You can always invite them," suggested Leo.

"I'll ask them when I call them after dinner," said T.J.

After supper, Buster was in his room studying when Justin put the boxes in.

"Why don't you start packing?" asked Justin. "The triplets are already doing it."

"I can't right now. I have to study for a test tomorrow. Mama already knows and she's fine with that. I will do if there's time," said Buster.

T.J. came by. "He's right. Let him study first."

"I didn't want to fail if I didn't do that," said Buster.

He studied for two hours before calling it quits. He was able to make time to pack his things.

"My parents said we still can spend the weekend and stay until after Easter dinner. They understood we can't stay until Monday," said T.J.

"That works better," said Buster. "I'll pack my computer tomorrow."

"I can help you with that. I'll unplug it," said his mom.

"Sounds good," said Buster. "I thought about packing my suitcase tomorrow after hockey practice instead of doing it when we return, but I'll still use my overnight bag for the weekend."

"That's a good idea," commented T.J. "Then, you can put the rest of your clothes in boxes."

"I can do it that way," said Buster.

He called the packing quits by 8:30 pm. He changed up and went to bed 30 minutes later. His dog, Goldilocks, sleeps with him.