The next day, the kids were up at 5:00 am, got dressed, and went to the lobby after Buster took Lactaid pill.

At the diner, Buster had scrambled eggs without cheese with no problem. He added an English muffin, which he can have.

After breakfast, they went on the bus and left for Busch Gardens. When they got there, they'd be doing it in groups. The teachers got a map.

"Wow, this is a nice theme park," said Buster.

"I know," said Haylee.

"When we visit different areas, we can take a train for each part," said Mrs. Long.

"We'll do that to save time," said Mr. Zimmerman.

The teachers thought it could be a lot of walking for the younger kids as well. The kids still had a fun time either way and none of them seemed to mind about walking. Lunch was included. They saw a few shows. They still took the train to take them near the entrance. They browsed around in the gift shop and they were ready to leave after that was done.

"That was fun," said Jenny.

"I agree," said Buster.

"I'd come here again," said Toni.

"Me, too," said Tina.

They went on the bus to go back to the hotel.

On the way, Mrs. Pierce said, "You kids can either enjoy the pool or the beach."

"We'll be spending the day at Sea World tomorrow. They open at 10:00 am, so we can get up at 8:00 am to have breakfast before we go there," added Mr. Wong.

At the hotel, some of the kids decided to enjoy the pool while the others wanted to go to the beach. Mrs. Pierce and Mrs. Long had one group while Mr. Wong and Mr. Zimmerman had the other group.

They all enjoyed it for an hour before the teachers told the kids to change up to get ready to go out for supper. The teachers decided to take the kids to the mall near Daytona Beach.

At the mall, they went to a pizza place. Buster had a salad with garlic bread. He does that to avoid process cheese. After that, the teachers took the kids to the movies. They even decided to let the younger kids join in to enjoy themselves. They were in line waiting for their tickets.

"At least I can join you," said Alexis.

"I know," said Alex, Jr.

"It's nice when teachers treat the younger kids," said Haylee.

"And, I find that they do it that way to make that fair," said Manny.

"I can't wait to go the Sea World tomorrow," said Leah.

"We went there, too," said Lee.

"How was it?" asked Jenny.

"It was fun," said Leo. "When we visited here, we went to a couple of theme parks, but we didn't go to Busch Gardens."

"Linda's favorite parts were seeing the dolphins and seals," said Leah.

"Yeah, we liked it, too," said Lee.

"We also saw the killer whale show," said Leo.

"Cool," said Buster.

After the movies, they went back to the hotel so the younger kids can get ready for bed. The older kids got ready as well.

In the room, Buster said, "The movies was fun tonight for a change."

"I know," said Haylee.

"I was surprised that the triplets bring up memories about the trip with their family especially their sister," said Jenny.

"It's good memories for them. They do it that way," said Buster.

"I thought they would be upset thinking about it," said Haylee.

"Me, too," said Tina.

"They don't usually talk about it much since my parents adopted them after their father died almost a year ago," said Buster. "They also gained an extra sibling again… plus Mike and Jake."

"True," said Jenny.

"My mama would like to take in foster kids, but she wants to wait until she has the time since she's busy raising all six of us. The only bedroom they'd be using is with me. I'll be having twin beds in my new room," said Buster.

"How about your father?" asked Haylee.

"He's interested," said Buster. "He agreed to wait until the time is right."

"Good," said Haylee.

"It would have to be the right fit for your family," said Jenny.

"I bet Sam would add more foster kids when you get adopted by Mrs. Brock," said Buster.

"I'm sure she will," said Jenny.

They talked for a long time until they went to bed at 10:00 pm. In the middle of the night, Buster was feeling lightheaded. He checked his blood sugar that was getting low, but felt better after taking insulin and went back to sleep afterwards.