This is a character I've had in my mind for a while but only now have I decided to write her story down.

This is a story from Planet Mizzer, a planet where Bio-Engineered Animals called Humanimals have been living like it was the 1990s for five thousand years!

The Humanimal of this story is a Mexican Hairless Dog-Girl named Shale Xolo, daughter of Alabaster Xolo, a Professor at Birchwood University deep in the Heartland of Mizzer's Western Continent!

Alabaster had come up with a new class 'Human Studies' it was for Humanimal Students only. The reason for the class was to help young Humanimals feel less intimidated by humans by showing how all of human culture and civilization was part of humanity's e…volutionary strategy that Humans weren't these unapproachable Gods they were instead Animals just like the rest of us, intelligence was merely their evolutionary strategy one the eventually enabled them to share their strategy with the rest of the Animal Kingdom.

Since Alabaster's wife and the mother of his daughter, was a human, I believe it was fair to say Alabaster wasn't intimidated by humans.

Because of her mixed heritage, Shale went to school on the human side of the town of Sun Meadows, there were a few other mixed species children among the Humans, also in this school, some Humanimal Students who were labeled 'Gifted' had been transferred from the Humanimal Schools to the Gifted Classes of this school.

Why this was, the mixed species children speculated that the Humanimals hated nerds, even more so than the Humans of Old did if the Ancient Movies and TV Shows of the 20th Century were anything to go by…

Shale herself was sort of aloof and a loner, rather than play with any other children be they human or Humanimal, she preferred to play by herself, wandering around the playground acting out her most exquisite daydreams…

Years of being read fairy tales and the stories of King Arthur and his Knights, Shale dreamed of being a Knight, unfortunately on the peaceful planet of Mizzer there wasn't much evil to fight!

Recently watched the YouTube series Animated Atrocities review of Quest for Camelot and like Mysterious Mr. Enter I really liked that movie as a kid but as adult the flaws have become glaringly obvious, it did inspire me to base Share's characterization on Kayley