Been watching a lot of 90s Nostalgia Recently mostly a lot of PBS Bumpers from the 90s, with the P-Pals, then began watching the 90s Littlest Pet Shop Cartoon, while the latest version Littlest Pet Shop: A World of Our Own is fine I certainly like it better than the version where the Animals came in unnatural colors and half the plot was dedicated to their human fiend's school Drama, but as I watch the 90s cartoon I realize how much I miss the more episodic cartoons with no overarching plot, as good as modern cartoon story arcs we really need variety and not all shows need a myth arc, also miss the wackier cartoons where anything can happen with only the flimsiest of logic, as Walt Disney said 'It doesn't have to be possible it just has to be plausible'

Many years ago, Alabaster went to MIT (The Mizzer Institute of Technology) and met his future colleague, a Dog-Man of the Pug Breed named Simon Pugmire, both were very happy to find each other as they were the only Humanimal students at the school and quickly their conversation turned to why that was, the Humans had been nothing but welcoming but all their lives the Dog-Boys had been warned humans would not accept them because how animalistic they were.

Alabaster and Simon realized this was the problem that needed addressing, as it seemed all of Humanimal-Kind had somehow become horrendously misinformed about humans, so rather than tinkering with machines the two dogs decided to switch their field of study to anthropology but only Alabaster would pursue his dream of his Human Studies class, Simon decided instead he would return to his hometown in Oakwood County and would instead become a High School Drama Teacher, as he had a great fondness for musicals and plays (Domestic Dog Humanimals in particular seem to have a fondness for sentimental old movies from the Golden Age of Hollywood, most other Humanimal Species certainly like comedies like the Marx Brothers and the Classic Horror Movies, but anything more soppy, sentimental, like anything with Shirley Temple in it, a Wild Humanimal, or even a Domestic Cat will be like 'Can we change to Kung-Fu movies? Or monster movies? Something that doesn't make me feel like I'm about to get diabetes!) but he would continue his studies of humanity on the side and would continue to exchange notes with Alabaster…

"You're stronger than me…" Simon admitted "…I don't have the physical or mental stamina to endure being ostracized from Humanimal society, I have so many health issues caused by my ancestors' artificial breeding…"

"I have to be strong." Alabaster said "I'm not only doing this for myself…"

"I don't know what you see in that human girl," Simon said "Of all the human girls you could have chosen, you fell for an airhead...Seems hardly suited to a scholar such as yourself…"

"Trust me," Alabaster said huffily "Daisy is a lot deeper than she first appears,"

Simon sniffed "Once again, I must admire your bravery…Choosing to marry a human, knowing you won't be able to see your own family for years…"

"Maybe I don't want to see them…" Alabaster said

These were the memories that raced through Alabaster's mind as the floating cart that Shale and himself were riding in was loaded into one of the enormous spaceships, apparently during the ride over, Shale had fainted.

"This one's a fainter!" One of the Wranglers said when they noticed

"It better not be a symptom of some sort frailty…" Another Wrangler said to Alabaster "…Humanimals who are not fit to work are sent to the Slaughterhouse!"

Alabaster bristled and clutched Shale tighter!

For Shale after she fainted after seeing the massive spaceship, she went to a rather pleasant dream, she dreamed she was flying among the white-as-marshmallows clouds admiring the view of Mizzer from above, finally she flew further up until she reached a castle in the clouds! She opened the door and found the characters she saw on TV! She spent several hours playing games with them until a voice called her name summoning her back to reality, to her dismay the horrible soldiers and their spaceships weren't part of a dream!

The spaceship was cold and oppressive, all black and stainless steel gray…

Filling in some of Alabaster's past, whether or not Simon Pugmire appears later in the story hasn't been decided yet