A strange coincidence calls for a creative response!

Frank Harrison, a client, came into my office at 1:00pm.

"Hi, Frank."

"Hi, Barefoot Jenny. You've got some results for me?"

"I certainly do! Sit down, please?" He sat. "Before I show them to you, I'm waiting for someone to join us."

This surprised him. "You are?"

"That's right. This person will really be helpful to you."

"Well, all right."

We waited. I put my feet—bare, naturally! —on the desk.

At 2:05, a woman came in—Mrs. Harrison!

They looked at each other in shock.

"Hey, what is this!" he said.

"I think I'd better go," she said.

I anticipated this. I quickly put my feet down and operated a special switch under my desk. It locked the door!

Realizing she couldn't get out, she looked at me. "Are you kidnapping us?"

"If you want to think so, then so be it! I suggest you sit down next to your husband; the quicker we get this over with, the quicker you two can leave!"

Sighing, she sat next to Frank.

I picked up two manilla files and gave one to each of them. Then I sat down, put my feet back on the desk, and watched the fun!

They started looks at the files—then looked up at me in shock!

"What's wrong? Oh, silly me, I gave each of you the wrong file, didn't I! Well, well, well, the two of you were afraid each of you were cheating, and you hired me to find out! And it turns out that you were both right!"

They both looked very much like they had eggs on their faces.

"Mary…," Frank started to say.

She looked at him but didn't respond.

"I strongly suggest the two of you get marriage counseling—or perhaps good divorce lawyers!'

I put my foot back on the switch and unlocked the door.

"You two can go, now. And I expect full payment for my services!"

They got up and left.

They did indeed pay me my fee. Not sure whatever happened to them after that!