This is a short story I had to do in 8th grade for writing workshop in our gothic short story unit. I hope you like it.


"I wake up in a cold sweat, my heart is beating out of my chest. I must have had a nightmare again. I keep on having this dream where I kill this guy with tattoos and piercings all over, he has a jawline so sharp it could cut you, and hair dyed so many colors it's hard to count. No, this isn't my bed, I'm on the cold, hard, damp ground. These aren't my pink and purple striped PJs I put on last night, this feels like a onesie but it's not fuzzy and its skin tight. I can feel the smooth and cool surface of a glass pane on the wall I am leaning on. The floor is cold and damp, the air is thick and heavy with dust, it's sticking in my lungs. In the dark, I can only make out a faint silhouette of a person in front of me. They have broad shoulders and a thick neck, their arms are very muscular.

I see a little light outside the window across from me. It's moving slowly towards us, I don't know where we are, but I'm sure no human could be outside this room. The pressure here keeps making my ears pop. I'm getting a headache which is causing my vision to go fuzzy. I look back at the thing sitting across from me. I have no idea what they are or why we're here. I look back outside and the light is touching the window. Now I can see the person in front of me is a guy, he has an arm covered in ink, and a face covered in piercings. He has jet black hair and a sharp jawline.

Something is tapping at my window. I look out to see a fat creature with slimy gray-green scales and ginormous fang-like teeth. It had white bulging eyes with a glassy film over them. Protruding from its head was what looked like a wire with a light attached to it.

"You know that's an angler fish." The guy across from me said in a gruff voice. "It lives deep in the sea. The pressure where it lives could kill a human in an instant, even in a submarine."

We sat in silence for a while. Slowly I drifted back to sleep. When I woke up there were lights on around me and I heard people talking. Confused, I sat up and saw a man standing in the dark outside. He had on a suit that looked like Baymax in armor. He tapped on the glass and pointed over to what I thought was a very solid wall. It has two more of the giant Baymax suits hanging in a closet. The guy who was sitting in front of me stood up and heaved a suit from the closet and struggled to get in it.

"Hey kid, can you help me a bit," the guy asked.

"Oh, umm, ok" I get up and help him shimmy into the Baymax suit. "Could you help me too?" I mumbled in a tentative voice.

"Sure thing kid," the guy said "By the way what's your name?"

"Its " I suddenly got interrupted by a loud bang like someone dropping a hydro flask on a tile floor.

"It's fine you could tell me later, I'm Damian," he said and patted me on the shoulder. He was a full head taller than me, but when he touched my shoulder, I felt my spine separating more vertebrae being jammed in next to cartilage, like forcing the last book into a full bookshelf. I let out a scream as giant feathery raven-like wings sprouted from my back. I looked down and my hands had long eagle-like talons, I looked in the window and my reflection was revolting. My head was bald with the pallid green skin pulled tight with two ginormous horns sticking up out of the corners. I flicked my new split tongue and bore my fangs deep into his neck. I felt his warm blood oozing into my mouth and dripping down my neck. I felt his tendons snapping against my bite. He was flailing around punching me and kicking me. Let's just say he probably has the hardest punch I've ever felt and I've been beaten up a lot but I barely felt it, my sells automatically heal themselves like Spider-Man.

The nightmare I've been having is not a nightmare anymore its now a reality. His heartbeat is quickening. More blood is oozing from the deep wound on his neck. If I kill him his heart will stop and I can go back home.

Ha, Home, not a place I usually want to go. School is no better. I have no friends anymore they all moved away when I was in middle school. High school is not any better for me. I'm not getting a lot of sleep or eating enough. Everyone at school judges me for every little thing I do.

Now back to killing Damian. His blood is so much sweeter than you could ever imagine and thicker too, kinda like red syrup. What would happen if I let go of him? This whole time I have had contact with him I haven't broken contact with him at all. This is the first human contact I've had in almost 5 years. After middle school, my friends all went to private schools far away and I vowed to not touch another living soul fo the rest of my life.

I let go and just like that I was back to normal with Damian all healed. Damian was furious and the man outside just stared wide-eyed at me. Damian slapped me in the face really hard and threw me against the window witch got a little crack like a spider web. He through me again and again and again the last time I shattered the window and water filled the whole room, I hit my head really hard against the top of the room and blacked out.

I woke up drenched in water on the floor of my room the glass of water from my nightstand now smashed on the floor just mere inches from my head. I was back in my room with my pink and purple striped PJs on and my nightcap snugly on my head my older brother was standing in the doorway

"nice show" he said sarcastically "you were entertaining me and my friends for hours. you were screaming on and on something along the lines of 'don't throw me at the window it will shatter and you will kill both of us'" and just like that he picked me up and threw me at my bedroom window and that's how I ended up here. That's all I know". "Well, that's a very interesting story. Welcome to hell. NEXT IN LINE PLEASE STEP UP TO THIS WINDOW"