There was a girl and she sat at the back of the bus; every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, she was there. Always the same driver and always at the same time, 9:03 p.m. She always had her softball bag and was always alone. She sat with her head down and with her feet on the seat beside her. No one ever approached her. She was forever alone at the back of the bus.

The girl loved playing sports, especially softball, her mom wouldn't pay for her to do sports but she would sign forms if the girl caught her at the right times. The girl worked at a McDonalds down the road from her house, making sure to always work in the back to never be seen by her mom or her mom's boyfriend. All the money she made went to her softball fees and for her food and her clothes, the food she kept in her locker. She had a few friends which she had known since kindergarten. Her friends understood her and knew her situation at home.

One Friday night she was sitting at the back of the bus after softball practice, and someone sat down right beside her. The woman sat on the girl's feet and the girl moved her feet onto the floor in disgust. The woman smelled of cigarettes and alcohol and she looked like a mess. There were only three other people on the bus and the woman and the girl were the only ones at the back. The girl grabbed her bag wanting to leave, to do anything to get away from the woman. The girl was about to stand up when the woman grabbed her arm forcing the girl to remain seated. It looked like the girl recognized the woman and the woman recognized the girl though the girl wouldn't look at the woman beside her. The girl wouldn't and couldn't say a word.

The bus driver stopped at the girl's stop without the girl telling him. The woman stood up pulling the girl with her. The woman pulled the girl discreetly and the girl just let herself be pulled. The girl showed no sign of fear or terror, she wanted to stay in the safety at the back of the bus. The girl waved at the bus driver before getting off the bus.

As soon as the bus drove away the woman grabbed the girl more intensely, "Where did you go!?" The woman screamed, her breath smelling of alcohol. The girl could not reply, she wanted the safety of the back of the bus. The woman slapped her and pushed her into a street light. The girl made no sound, she tried to, but she couldn't. The woman let her go and the girl started using sign language, to explain where she had gone.

The woman slapped her again, "Speak! Come on idiot, where were you?" The woman shouted. The girl tried as hard as she could but she could not. All the girl wanted was to be at the back of the bus, the only place she was safe. The woman slapped her again and again but the girl could not tell her where she had been to save her life, "Just tell me where you were asshole!" Then the woman took out the bat from the girl's bag and started beating her with it. The girl was crying, unable to tell her where she had been, unable to call for help. The girl just wanted to be at the back of the bus. The girl just wanted to be alone.

The girl fell to the ground and the woman hit her head with the bat, killing her. The woman dragged the body into the nearby woods and covered it with leaves and branches. Then she took the girls' softball bag and burned it.

On Monday the girl's friends were worried and called the cops. By Thursday the news headlines read, "Mom Kills Mute Daughter at Bus Stop." Her softball team lost their best pitcher and batter. Her friends lost the happiest person in their group. Her teachers lost a student who was always eager to learn. They all organized a funeral for the girl and the mom didn't attend. The mom showed no remorse in court, and she was eventually charged with the murder of Kora Murphy. Kora's friend made a statement; "We all knew what her situation at home was but she told us not to talk about it. If we had… None of this would have happened"