On the evening of the same day as the previous chapter.

Syd Barrett skips the school this day. So there's only Jody Johanson and Seraphina Gilmour returning back to home.

Not more than 3 minutes since Sera met Mickey Mannix, he left and disappear among the crowd.
She told this to Jody as soon as she met her in the class.
Jody was surprised to hear.
Because she left home before their arrival.

Now both are standing in front of Syd's house.

Jody knocked on the doors.

Knock, Knock.

" Who's that? "

" Me."

" Me who?"

" Syd. Is this a time to joke?"


*Doors open*

Appearing the Aussie boy, Syd Barrett, he said to them :
" You arrived sooner than I thought. Wanna meet new friends that much?"

" Well, I'm fine but in her case,... Yes?"

Said Jody, gazing at Sera.

" What?..."

Sera twisted her eyebrows.

Both went inside his house.

When they entered the living room, they saw the other 2 life sitting in the middle table, another on the sofa, watching Netflix.

On the table, a little girl is busying with her black laptop and the chilling blue hair Asian boy on his Nintendo switch next to her.
And the last one, Sera knows him, he's Mickey Mannix.

Those three stops, turning their face to Jody&Sera.
They can felt a very tight atmosphere was tossed toward them.
Especially Mickey, his gaze to Sera is very tense as if he wanted to crush her
Mickey didn't say any single word, but Sera knew it herself that he somehow doesn't like her.

The aura from these people made them instantly acknowledge that they are on a different level. Not like those students back in their school.

" As I say before but let me introduce all these people again,"
Syd walks to the girl.

" This is Roxxy. She's my sister. You can tell by the hair, Full-blooded siblings, of course.1 year younger than me."

Roxxy closed her laptop, raised from the chair, and coming to Jody.

" Roxxy Barrett, pleased to meet you both. We all heard about you two."

Roxxy shook hands with Sera, then moved to Jody.

When their hands touched, They felt a cold running through their spines.

"...?!..." Jody instinct had made her pull back her hands from Roxxy.
If Roxxy was a normal person, she would consider this as a rude act but the reality is in contradict, she grins.

"... Big bro really has a very good eye to pick you up. Now I finally certain that you are above the average, Jody Johanson."
Said the girl.

" ... " Jody rotates her hand around to see if anything wrong had happened to it. Luckily, nothing's wrong.

But not with Sera.

"... Sera?!... Y-your hand!"

" My hand?..."

" !? "

Sera's eyes widened as she saw her hand, which she used to shake Roxxy's hand, is completely freeze.

" What the-?!... How?... I didn't even feel it! "

" Because of the numb, Seraphina Gilmour, when the temperature of your hand gets drastically decreased, it will follow up by the numb. That's why you didn't feel it."

But not so long, the ice on her hand's melt. Turning everything back to normal.

" That's my ability," said Roxxy.

She turns back and goes back to her laptop.

" Briefly in 1 word, Cryomancer. And it's the reasons our people officially call Roxxy "Ice Cube". "
the blue hair boy whispers to them.

" Shut up." said Roxxy, gazing into his eyes.

The blue hair Asian boy lifts his hands up to his shoulder level just to disturb her.

"I'm Toshi, full name Toshiki Ishii"
He nods.

Jody senses more friendly energy from him.

" What's your ability?"
Asked Sera.

" My ability? Oh... Nothing so special. It's not a superpower like them… just... Imitation and...a...little bit of Technique like Syd."

" Cut the humble, Toshi. In the end, they're going to know it."

Roxxy interrupts his introduction.

" Don't be jealous, Paethai. These girls aren't my type. In my eyes, there's only you. You know-"

" If you call me by that again I will make sure your mouth's being shut forever. Or you wanna try?"

Sera whispers to Jody:
" What's Paethai? "

" It's Roxxy's other name. It's a Thai word for "Zircon" which is a gem."

" How did you know?"

" Why would you ask something like that? Of course, Syd told me."
Said Jody.

" *Cough*... Sorry. Where are we? Oh yeah. My ability... So...uh, My ability is to disguise ... You know, I can turn in to anybody. But only if I had their body cells or tissues or something like that."

Toshi walks to Sera, holding a sharp razor blade in his hand.

" May I show you?" asked by Toshi.

" ...What are you going to do?"

" I heard you own the ability to create anything from the material you use. Very interesting ability to be honest. Big bro has a very sharp eye to pull you in. I want you to create your hand and give it to me."

" ...o...kay?..."

Sera uses a razor blade to scratches out her own skin, then she duplicates another of her hands and gives it to Toshi.

" Thanks."

Toshi carries a copy of Sera's hand, he cut its skin opened by a razor blade.
A drop of blood falling down to Toshi's finger. He then paints the blood on the white Japanese mask.

Suddenly, the alphabets start to appear out of the blank white space, forming themselves into the word "Sera".

He doesn't let the audience confused ar what's happening, Toshi put that mask on.
And at the time he takes it off.



He is Seraphina.

His face turns into Seraphina Gilmour completely.

"...Oh...my...god..." Jody and Sera drop their jaws.

"... It's like you are her clone..." said Jody.

" And her voice too," said Toshi.


It's even more shocking that his voice also changes to Seraphina Gilmour.

"...Jesus Christ..." Sera moans.

" Not only that. But my entire body turns into the shape of Seraphina Gilmour as well, See? "

Toshi (in Sera's appearance) then squeezed his chest, making the boobs appear on their sights.


Sera stops Toshi from doing that in embarrassment.

" But... Despite how awesome this Ability is,"

Said Syd, he then splashes a glass of water into Toshi's face.


The face of Seraphina Gilmour's clone is ripped off, showing the face of Toshi.

" His ability can be detected by water. It is simple. If water touched the disguise part, it will disappear. then boom...exposed."

Syd finished his explanation.

" Really? Bro?" Toshi turns to Syd. Wet.

" I didn't intend to do that. It was Roxxy's request. If you got a prob, talk to her."
Syd points his thumb to his sister, she's giggling.

" Understandable. I don't have any problems then," said Toshi he then continues explaining to the girls.

" Not only the voice and body shape. My ability can even copy that person's fingerprint."

Toshi takes Sera's iPhone and unlocks it with his finger in front of her then gives it back to her for a prove.

" Wow... It's...amazing!..." Jody said.

" Next is Mickey." Syd points to Mickey over the Sofa, " Come on! Jew boy."

" Hey fuck you. You... Coala looking ass..." Mickey pulls up his middle finger to Syd.

Both laughs.

" My name's Mickey Mannix. Syd should have introduced me to you guys already. My ability is lighting and electricity. Do you know Thor? That's me."

He said while summoning the electric on his finger.
Simple and clear. As expected of Mickey Mannix.

"... Hi...uh... Do we need to to...introduce ourselves? "

Asked Jody.

" ... Uh, I think not? Because we already know you before we are meeting face to face here..." Said Mickey.

" Yeah. I've heard of you once Jody Johanson. You're ex-bully, aren't you?
I'm glad that you have improved yourself. It shows that you've grown."

Toshi added.

"... Yeah...thanks..." Said Jody.

" But to think about it. it was a shame that You and Syd was in a different country while you were Bully"

Said Mickey.
" Yeah, bud... I agree. Just imagine it... How fun it would be?"
Toshi replied.

" What do you mean? "
Jody asked in confusion.

" Don't you know?!... When Syd was in middle school... He's labeled as The Bully Hunter."

" Bully...Hunter? " Jody twisted her eyebrows.

" I'm certain that you don't ever want to bully anyone again after you run into Syd, The Bully hunter."

" Syd is a counterpart of the bullied. He's-"

" CUT. THE BULL SHIT. BOYS." Syd shouted into their face.

" ... " Toshi and Mickey paused.

" Okay... If you don't want to. I respect you, bro." They both said.

" Thanks for respect, my homies. I love you, bro."
Three of them hug each other.

" I love you too...It's super gay, but I'm fine with it."
Mickey said.

" Nohomo."

" Oh. Okay."

Leaving the girls in confusion, Sera then asked Roxxy:
" Are you all going to live in his house?"

" Oh... Nope. We better be split into groups. If some group got exposed, then the others won't suffer in the same way."



" Yeah... Right... Talking about the groups... We should be divided into teams. Look... We have uh... 6 people including me... So... We can be divided into 3 teams."
Syd said.

" uh-huh. I agree." Toshi added.

" No objection," Mickey added.

Syd then starts ordering.

"... So... How should I divide this...uh.."

" How about..."
Everybody pauses and turns to Jody as she starts speaking.

"Roxxy with Toshi...and Sera with Mickey? "


"...and... Me and Syd. You know, I'm more comfortable to stay with him."

Jody noticed that the atmosphere in the room changed. But not because she interferes Syd but it was because she said something that made Toshi, Mickey and Roxxy eyes widened as if she said the forbidden word.

" ... "

"... Uh. Jody. I understand your reason... Because Syd already told me he will teach you the swapping technique but... "

Toshi said to Jody impatiently. As if he wants to warn her that she had to commit forbidden acts, however, Roxxy cut him off.

" Nah, Nah, Nah. Hold it Toshi."


" You're right. I have bought the room in the mansion not far from here. We can settle there." Roxxy said.

(... Something's suspicious...) Jody thought but didn't say anything.

" Mick, Can you stay over Sera's place? Sera, would it bother you?"

"... No.. I live alone." Sera answer.

" No problem" Mickey replied.

" But today I will stay here first, to clear all the paperwork and talk to Syd about the mission. Toshi..."

Roxxy tossed him a key.

" You get there first."


" Problem? "

" No...Ma'am..." Said Toshi, spiritlessly.

Mickey and Syd tapped Toshi's shoulder, sending him off the house.

Toshi left.

As he left, Ser asked :
" So... Roxxy... Uh,... Is Toshi..."

" What?"

" Is Toshi...your... Uh, boyfriend?"

"No. Why you ask out of sudden?"

" Well, he seems like...uh...he will die without you or something like that? "

Sera tried to avoid making Roxxy get triggered, but Syd spoke instead of his sister to prevent that situation.

" It's pretty complicated, but long story short, Toshi has a crush on my sister since the day we were a newbie."

" You mean since the first day you guys in charge of Thrak's agents?"

Syd scratches his hair.

" Yeah, Jody... That's right. Toshi keeps getting himself close to Roxxy all the time he had a chance...trying to gain some points I guess... That bastard always be like that, right Mickey?"

" That's right. No one could have said it more correct than that."
Said Mickey, continues watching Netflix.

" And he will never gain any of them." Said Roxxy.

" Syd, you didn't feel anything? I mean.. If I were you I would do something to protect my siblings... having a boy flirting around your sister doesn't get you nervous? "

Asked Jody.

" Oh, Sure it does."
Syd shortly replies.

" I've cracked so many man's noses who try to flirt around Roxxy. But when I do that, I always make sure that Roxxy really gets tired of them... Y'know? It's not like I have a right to judge which men she should be with or not. It's up to her. She has her own right to have a boyfriend she wants. I can't interfere with that. But what I can do is to protect my sister if that man is crossing the line, not paying her respect... Or anything that she considers as a threat. That's my duty as her brother to step out and protect my family, that's all."


Both Jody and Sera stunned at his words.

" Wow... I'm really surprised that a person like you can say something like this... Just...wow..."

Said Sera.

" That's why I consider myself the luckiest sister. Other Siblings may not like each other. But not with us, the Barretts."
Roxxy added.

" But in Toshi's case, Roxxy hasn't said that he's crossing the line yet. So...what can I do...right?... And even you guys see him as such a flirty guy over Roxxy. But he never does that to others except for Roxxy."
Said Syd.

" Yeah... That's the main point that makes me furious. Because he's really good at working. Have you guys ever met a person who always gets on your nerve but you can't look for anything to pay them back? That's him. That's Toshi."
Roxxy added.

" Yeah, but otherwise, he's a great guy tho."

Syd looked at the clock.

" hmm, It's 20:00 now. Jody, go get ready for the meditation. Roxxy, would you mind if I ask you to work on Betty Moretz in my room? I got a document under my desk. It'll be better."

"... Ok."

Roxxy grabs her laptop and went upstairs.

Jody followed Roxxy upstairs to get something in her room.

" Hey, Syd. Can I use your toilet, homie?" Mickey asked.

" Shit or Piss?"


" Go on."

" Thanks, bro."

Mickey rises from Sofa and walked away.
Syd realized something, he shouted to Mickey from behind.

" Don't you fucking Jack-off in my toilet"

" Fuck you, who would do that?"


When Mickey disappears from Seraphina's sight. She then slowly approached Syd and whisper to him.

" Hey, Syd. Can I ask you something?"

"? "

" your Jewish friend you told me at the Westfield, Is he...?"

" Yeah. It's Mickey."

"... What's up with him? " Sera asked.

" What? "

" That man, Mickey Mannix, am I just overthinking or I feel that he doesn't like me somehow?"

"... Oh... That's... He just has a bad memory with rich people, which...in this house are just you and ...me... It's his sore spots. But the point that triggers him was ... You...are the bad...type of the rich, remember when you try to buy illegal sculpture from Saint Peter? "

" So he hates me?"

" Having hard feelings between us doesn't mean I hate you. And even if I hate you, that doesn't suggest I don't respect you. Seraphina Gilmour."

" -?! "Sera's heart drops to her foot as Mickey somehow appears behind her without any sound.

" ... " a drop of sweat flows from her forehead.

" You travel from the toilet to here through the outlet? " asked Syd.

" yeah," Mickey said.
He walks closer to Sera.
" I will take a breath around London... No... Around England for a minute. You may go home first, Sera."

Mickey said before heading out of Syd's house.



Meanwhile in the upstairs.

"... Syd hasn't told me about that Bully hunter? There's no record of his middle school's life on the internet. How was he? "

Jody tried to start the conversation.

Roxxy replied:
" Is it has anything to do with you?"



" I'm just kidding. I think it would be better to ask Syd himself." Roxxy said politely.

But Jody can feel that she wasn't kidding.

" Listen, Jody."
Roxxy turns to Jody and stares directly into her eyes.

" This is a very important mission. If we miss just 1 step. It could lead to a disastrous scenario. Had Syd informed you of this? "

"... Yeah... We've made a deal ..."

" Then you should realize how much he trusts in you."

" Yes."

" Then you better not disappoint him. When I said I considered myself the luckiest sister. I really mean it. I'm not trying to be a cocky little brat in front of you. But please understand that I'm serious about the mission. And I don't trust you."

Roxxy said.

" The only way to prove me wrong is to do anything that makes you a trust-worthy. That's all the advice I can suggest. Now get your American ass down there. Syd is waiting for you."