Blue Refuge

Summary: A series of snippets and ficlets in which I will tell you about the events (mostly erotic) happening in the lives of my characters. Yeah, they are all doing it!

On a personal note I would like to add that I wrote this for my boyfriend, as a way of letting him know how fantasies were playing around in my head, and this definitely helped us to get to know each other much better and as a consequence it helped also to improve our relationship. Enjoy!

Warning: This story is only for adult readers! | F/M


Caitlin was lying against the mattress, Leonard was on top, moving in and out of her. She could feel his breath on her cheek, and she smiled at him. His face was in her hands, and she was kissing him on the cheek. He was moving steadily inside her, making her twitch and release a small gasp of pleasure.

She was smiling at him and placing her arms around his neck, she started leaving a path of kisses from his ear to his lips. He continued moving on top of her, and was now placing his head against her shoulder with a moan. She was moving her foot up his calf while her hands were going down to the small of his back. She pressed a little bit there and he released a gasp.

"You like it there, baby." She said smiling and then started kissing him on the lips. He was raising himself on his hands, one on each side of her, when he started pushing harder against her.

"Aah..." The both of them ended up saying in unison.

"Miller…" She was calling his name, at the same time that her breathing became heavy. He was pushing himself a bit up and started moving against her a bit harder.

"Caity, I'm…"

"I know… it's OK, just come for me, baby." She was telling him, her smile widening.

It had taken them months to reach this point, but they were finally there. She could not yet believe that all the waiting had been worth it.

They had had a few physical problems at first. With him being gay and her, well being somewhat bisexual, but then their attraction was too strong, not to mention their friendship, their bond, and feelings started to emerge. Especially on her part.

She knew he probably had always felt the same way, he just did not know it yet, he had been so confused. She also knew he had not been prepared to love her, to love a woman, not when he had never felt anything for the opposite sex, his entire life.

But now they were coming together, with each other's names on their lips.

Leonard was pulling himself out of her, lying next to her. She, on his arms, was releasing a sigh of contentment. He was kissing her on the temple and she could feel his lips twitching into a smile.

"How was I?"

"Wonderful!" Caitlin was telling him, stretching out on the bed and closing her eyes.

The ones who said a gay man could not be turned into a straight man, were definitely so wrong.