Warning: This story is only for adult readers! | F/M

Chapter Three

He backed her up against the wall, his palms flattening on either side of her. She felt so right pressed up against him, her round breasts firm against his chest. She wrapped her arms around his neck and started kissing him. A few moments later, her fingers moved nimbly down the front of his shirt, undoing each button, slowly, until all of them were undone. Jonathan kept his eyes glued to Alexandra as she moved deep, slipping her hand down to his waist. He moved himself away long enough to lose the shirt, but when she reached for his belt, he pushed her hand aside.

He knew she was so turned on that it probably ached inside, he knew she needed something between her legs or ... "Gosh," she uttered.

With one hand, he dragged her arms back around his neck, and then started removing his belt with the other one. He unzipped his pants, setting his cock free and then he boosted her up on his waist. Then thrusting his hips, he moved suddenly and powerfully forward. Her curls teasing his erection. She kissed him again, her arms around his neck, and felt his embrace tighten.