Expansion Discussion.

By James Carmody.

Menchtech Corp has, as you may or may not know at the present time, been considering enlarging its operations by expanding into Communist China, also known as Red China. It is the professional view of the CEO of Menchtech Corp that this is a very bad idea. The primary reasons theretofore of this are that the government of Communist China is associated with, by their own choices, horrible human rights abuses over past years. Thus, the Communist Chinese government is unfit to do business with.

As the links present will show you, and again, the CEO apologizes for the inability to meet in person, due to plague problems it has been forced upon him to engage in an indirect method of letter-writing to the stockholders of Menchtech Corp in this manner, the Red Chinese government has been portrayed as a positive investment opportunity, but more grass-roots investigating has revealed that their government actually has very little respect for property rights. And that does befit a socialist government at that. They are prone to denying private property, so why would they acknowledge property rights of anyone at all, I ask you?

Since Socialists tend to be opportunists, as the Germans may well remember, they tend to convey an image totally different from the reality of the situation. As a result, what you need to do in terms of finding out what is going on, you need to do grass-roots investigating with regard to people who have done business with them in the past to find out what things are really like there. To be blunt, though the Red Chinese government may well be going green, they have horrible pollution problems in their country… the hotels are rarely safe in terms of the water quality, and the air pollution is truly horrible in its level. These are simply some of the reasons the CEO of Menchtech Corp believes China to be a bad investment. Germany himself, the Fatherland, has had some history with socialism, including the days of East Germany and the tyranny thereof prior to the reunification and the collapse of the Berlin Wall. It is well known that the East German Border Guards were known to shoot in cold blood anyone trying to leave their part of the city of Berlin. The CEO of Menchtech Corp does not think that doing business with so brutal a government as the Communist Chinese government is at all a good idea. In fact, he is convinced it is a very bad idea indeed.

The Communist Chinese government may well be making progress in its treatment of human rights, but it is insufficient to allow business entry into their country. Interestingly enough, research thereinto led to finding a far better investment: The United States, ironically, has far greater disposable income and a history of accepting the private property claims of property owners.

The following links it is the hope of the CEO that they will come across, but they are the sources of the data for this business assessment:

. /archive/china_abc/2014/08/23/content_

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Added to that, the plague first began in Wuhan China, and seems to be the product of a bioweapons lab in that city. This makes sense, as for the longest time their government has had a "one child policy" where they would kill any additional children a couple had. Even today they are known to fine couples a staggering amount per additional child, and they also have some really horrible child abuses that need to be redressed before they could be considered as a business partner.

Human rights abuses, which their government appears to specialize in, aside, their state has an approximate disposable income that appears to be approximately one-seventh of that of the USA's disposable income. Let us not forget that speaking out against the Chinese Communist Party in Red China is grounds to wind up in a gulag somewhere, or even mentioning something that causes or could cause them to lose face. They also censor everything about their country, even deleting photographs as they are uploaded onto the internet if their government thinks it could suffer some embarrassment at the topic in question.

In short, in regard to this, it is the professional opinion of Menchtech Corp's CEO that you have invested the trust of yours with producing a positive gain on the stock you have bought that doing any business with Red China is a bad idea, a bad investment. As per a socialist nation, their laws are staggering, violation of any of those laws is sufficient to land anyone in a gulag or slave-labor camp, and their government is extremely paranoid. This indicates that indeed they are up to some untoward conduct that they really do not want to have get out into the world, or at least that they do not want the rest of the world to know about their actions. Otherwise, why would they try to control what the rest of the world knows about inane things regarding their government's actions; such as completely ignoring Tiananmen Square for instance? They could use that as their government putting down an insurrection, instead if you go there, you find out that they will deliberately ignore that very center of their capital? The CEO of Menchtech Corp learned of that detail from someone who had done business with their country, and in a business trip the tour guide had to deny knowing of it lest he wind up in a gulag somewhere.

These are reasons to boycott Red China, the legal reasons to do exactly that very thing, for the safety of our workers; and what if their laws change? That is another reason to boycott Red China, with how their laws may well change on the drop of a hat, including execution for insurrection if you unknowingly violate the new laws. The safety of the workers is the safety of the business, and if our workers are unsafe there, then our business is unsafe there. It might indeed be wise to use locals to carry out the business if indeed we were to invest there, but the CEO does not think it would be a worthwhile investment to do that; especially if their government decides it owns the businesses, which the CEO of Menchtech Corp strongly believes they might actually do. Particularly if their economy takes a serious downturn. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary conflict, Menchtech will not do business with Red China, for the reason that the Chinese Government is a bad business partner to get involved with.

Thank you for your time and attention to this speech, and the CEO leaves you with condolences lest you had hoped to invest, but investing in any government known to use sweatshop slave labor in its gulags is not worthwhile. In fact, it resembles an extremely unpleasant episode in German history; that of the Nazis at that- they did the exact same thing, and wrecked the country they had taken stewardship of by the end of the Second World War they ordered the destruction of the entirety of the Fatherland in Hitler's final orders to his officers before committing suicide. His economic plans were based on slave-labor camps, the same as the Communist Chinese of today. And that is why investing in Red China is a bad idea- because the Communist Chinese Party is not an ethical business partner; in fact, they are an extremely unethical business partner at that. Thus, they must be boycotted. Their claims must be taken with a grain of salt, but they claim to be making strides to improve their country; at present, investing in Red China is a very bad idea is the informed views of the CEO of Menchtech Corp. Also, any country with a one-child-policy or engages in pushing birth control is untrustworthy and has officially disqualified itself as any kind of a good business partner.

For qualifications, the CEO looks primarily at human rights laws and family policies in a country, and thinks it is best to produce the product in the Fatherland, Germany, or as the Germans call it also, Deutschland. Some other countries might be a better investment, but frankly, the men of the Fatherland need jobs, and one's duty is to one's local area first for greatest impact upon the world's stage.