Ready to provide technological solutions to support climate mitigation measures, the photovoltaic industry is indeed on the rise with countries, such as the United States, Germany, and Japan making big investments in ground-and-roof-mounted solar-panels. "In spite of solar power's intermittency limitation as compared to the traditional energy stalwarts, like oil, gas, and coal; it's one of the best ways for generating electricity," according to New York based Environmentalist Harry Coumnas.

He believes that "solar farms" in which several PV panels span across the massive desert terrain are the future of alternative energy. Instead of "solar farms", Harry Coumnas calls these huge structures "solar suburbs" and appreciates all the amazing benefits they provide to the mankind. Utilizing solar power on an industrial scale has always been a subject of interest for him. In a recent science-based chat show, he also shared his plans to build the biggest solar farm in the world. The site for his big project would be his village not just because of its emotional attachment with the place, but also due to its solar potential. Harry revealed that the project was stalled for a long time because of some conflicts over the land use but now he has finally got permission from the government to start with the project next year.

About Harry Coumnas

Harry Coumnas is a New York based environmentalist who believes that solar farms are the future of alternative energy. Recently, he shared his plans to build the world's biggest solar farm during a chat show. He is building the solar farm in his village because of its huge solar potential.