Aimed at providing the best neurosurgical care, Dr. Gerald Schell makes the best use of the latest procedures, training, and technologies at Schell Spinal. He has built his practice and reputation around the philosophy of providing the least invasive care to minimize recovery times and optimize clinical outcomes. Currently, Dr. Gerald is playing a leading international role in the experimental development of single-level and two-level artificial discs for cervical disk problems. He is involved with numerous other collaborative scientific endeavors to help advance neurosurgical care.

Regarding his proficiencies, Dr. Schell is highly specialized in neurosurgery, interventional spine medicine, neurosurgical spine reconstructive surgery, neurological spine surgery, and orthopedic spine surgery. He also specializes in spine surgery and spinal fusion.

Gerald has more experience with spine than any other specialist in his area. Regarding his education credentials, he graduated from Michigan State University medical school in 1980. He is affiliated with medical facilities such as Ascension St Mary's Hospital and Ascension Standish Hospital.

Dr. Gerald Schell is a leader in employing leading edge technologies to access and repair spinal structures while minimizing the damage to the surrounding tissues. Through various hospital affiliations, he operates a number of clinic and surgery locations throughout the state of Michigan.

At Schell Spinal, Gerald helps develop surgical techniques that are being used around the world. He works for 80-100 hours a week and serves on the hospital's Board of Directors.

He pursued his residency in Neurological Surgery from SUNY Upstate Medical University. He graduated from Michigan State University medical school in 1980. Regarding his certifications and licensures, Dr. Schell is certified in Neurological Surgery from American Board of Neurological Surgery.

About Dr. Gerald Schell

Using the best surgical techniques and technologies at Schell Spine, Dr. Schell aims at providing stability in the lives of their parents by solving their spinal issues. He, along with Dr. Kewin Lawson, offers the most suitable treatments for spinal disorders, ranging from spinal fusion and anterior cervical discectomy fusion to spinal cord simulations.