PHOENIX: Blood Thinner #5. Smoke, Ninja and the Bunny?

- The Outlands of Al Mantiq Al Khalijia - Outskirts of Thedam - The Kek Orphanage -

* Jack swings his scythe by the blood chain with amazing grace and strength. The long blade of the weapon slices several militia fodder around the orphanage and the ones surround dizarah. Misty weaves and ducks her way out of the scythe swing but eventually gets wrapped up by the blood chain. As the chain wraps around her and the scythe came swinging by in her peripheral vision, it seemed that Misty was down. But at the last second, her jinn mask shined in a bright blue hue. The chains tore apart, blood splatters on the ground and the scythe flew past her, wedging onto a tree. Dizarah and Jack are confused for a second as misty regains her composer and readies for the attack once more *

Dizarah~ how the hell… Jack!? What are you doing?

Jack~ I assure you, that wasn't me. It seems the dead jinn friend of hers has gifted her with Luck magic.

Dizarah~ Great.. like when that's asshole Joshua pulled out Goddess flame magic out of nowhere.

Jack~ Well, my dear dead girl. Hope you like to gamble cause we have to beat the odds right now.

Dizarah~ or hold on till the other two show up.

Misty~ You two seem to be quite the chatty duo. Let us put a stop to that.

** Meanwhile, a few paces away south, at a small cave wedged into the side of a plateau, Stefan and Xavier slip off the cover of a dusty old object. The item is a black steam engine automobile, on the sides of the car were inscriptures of raeb writing. The writing would look gibberish to any one who couldn't read it, but anyone who could would translate it to "the world ends when you have nothing left to lose". It was a gift to Jack from Stefan's father; now it was their ticket to Zapharah City! As the two fiddle with the mechanics of the car, a thick mist begins to shroud the cave and outside as well. It takes a good while for the duo to notice but stefan shrugs it off and continues his work. Suddenly, in the thick of the smoke; an arm reaches out with a chain and starts to choke stefan! The raeb prince is dragged to the wall of the cave and Xavier finally notices. He pulls out his tomahawk with his one arm and chucks it at the mist. The mist parts, letting go of the prince. Xavier pulls out his other tomahawk and chases the mist outside. It reforms into the shape of an Arnab, a bunny humanoid. The arnab girl is short, about 5'3. Being an Arnab; she has white bunny-like ears and nose, a puffy tail, big round brown eyes and pale white skin. Her militia uniform has one star. In her hand is a chain and sickle. She grabs the chain and spins the sickle with a smirk. **

Touka~ My name is Touka Bunoshi. Militia scout; you two will not make it past here.

Xavier~ Sorry, I don't think that'll do. Miss Bunoshi, since when do the militia have jurisdiction in the outlands? The Thedam kingdom rule is all that matters here.

Touka~ You think I care about any of that? I'm just here to make Lt. Oculus' fight a little easier.

Stefan~ *walks out of the cave gasping for air* Man, haven't been choked by a cutie like that since-

Xavier~ Not the time my prince! I'll handle her. You keep working on the automobile.

Stefan~ Alright! Fine! Kick her ass.

*** Xavier ties his long red hair in a ponytail and readies his tomahawk. Touka leaps towards Xavier and chucks her sickle at him. The chain wraps around his arm and she pulls him closer to her. She gets in for several strikes and kicks but Xavier, even with one arm, shows off why he was a vanguard captain for so long. He manages to grappl her and slam her to the ground. He laces his tomahawk with wave magic and goes for the kill but Touka becomes mist and floats away. He puts his tomahawk away and pulls out his giant axe that rested on his back. Xavier stays on high alert when the fog gets larger and larger around him.

Xavier~ Fog magic.. It is very hard to master. You are very talented, a waste of talent in a corrupt militia.

There is a pregnant silence before Xavier starts to hear a disembodied voice around him in the mist.

Touka~ Coming from a Scalebound living in a Raeb kingdom. Didn't the Raeb and Scalebound go to war many times? They certainly killed a bunch of my people. And because of the Raeb's long lifespans; it was probably the same ones that you fight for.

Xavier~ it is true that there have been plenty of battles between Raeb and Scalebound. But there's also a mutual respect; too races that live by a code of battle. And as for my loyalty; king Lucian saved my life; The militia abandoned my family; and then one of your lieutenants took my arm. It is obvious where my loyalty lies. Lynguds Styre [lightning god's rule]!

Xavier points his axe to the sky and lightning strikes it. The charged axe electrifies the fog around him and reverts Touka back to her physical body. She grits her teeth and lifts herself back up. Her eyes start to glow red when suddenly… The black steam engine automobile slams into her and sends her into the edge of the plateau! Stefan keeps driving as Xavier jumps into the backseat smoothly. ***

Stefan~ Crap… I hope that cutie is ok! Normally I wouldn't care but she left a nice impression on me.

Xavier~ She'll be fine. That girl has too much pent up anger to go down like that.

Stefan~ Even better!

Xavier~ Focus on driving. We have to get to Zapharah as fast as we can.

Stefan~ Yea I know. Man, today has sucked.

**** Back to the orphanage, Jack and Misty were clashing all around the area. Their attacks were destroying the building behind them. Jack was getting mad; yes the orphanage in its current state was a dump, but he had a lot of memories here. The luck magic that the Jinn mask gave Misty has benefitted her and gave the qazam the upper hand easily. Jack needed to think of something to end this quickly, but suddenly Dizarah's voice cut off their battle. Sometimes in this madness, Diz has trapped Jazu Jazu, Misty's pet Brisky bat, in her wrappings. She wasn't hurting the bat but definitely had the bat immobile.

Dizarah~ Lay down your swords and take off the Jinn Mask… I won't repeat myself.

Misty~ You damn underhanded Mayit!

Dizarah~ I am not a saint. You people started this war; you should be aware of how unfair war can be. Now, do as I said!

Misty complies, she lays down her blades and places the Jinn mask on the ground, revealing the deep blue eyes behind her glasses. Jack smirks, obviously impressed by the Mayit's dirty tactics. He walks towards his ally and puts a hand on her shoulder.

Jack~ The moment you let go, that bat is going to use acoustic magic to tear your ear drums to shreds. Do not move till I tell you.

Dizarah~ Of course, I'm not stupid.

Misty~ Damn you Mayit.. Siding with the killers of your whole race! And Damn you Jake kek!

Jack~ Jack! It's Jack Kek!

There is a long silence before the sudden sound of a rumbling catches Jack's ears. He screams at Diz "now!" As Stefan and Xavier show up in the automobile. Dizarah lets go of her wrapping and on cue, Jazu Jazu wails so loud, the windows of the car shatter. Misty goes for her blades but it is too late, Dizarah and jack jump on the roof of the car and hold on with Dizarah's wraps, bloody ears and all. As the car drives off, misty slams her blades to the ground and hugs Jazu Jazu tight. ****

Misty~ I'm glad you're ok Jazu. Those damn Raeb have made this personal.. Let;s go look for Touka.

- East Eadala - Jinn Hunter World Association - Dining Hall -

* A few hours after the confrontation with Ibrahim, Dalia, Mahaz, Cain, Amyr and Anna all return to the Jinn Hunter World Association. Upon their return, Dalia asks the receptionist, Sierra, if she can meet with TDK to get her promoted to D-class. Sierra explains that he recently departed to the Militia headquarters in north Eadala. Dakota tells her not to worry and that the association will handle the paperwork… not like TDK does anything anyway. Later the group relay everything that has happened the past few days at the dining hall. Mahaz and Cain become official Jinn hunters, Dalia's ambition to get promoted, the Militia/Raeb war happening etc. They all agreed that TDK must have gone to the Headquarters to get more information. He has a good relationship with Rafiq, so maybe he can talk some sense into him. Genocide of an entire race that has stayed isolated for years just seems so wrong. *

Cain~ I don't agree with what the Militia are doing but we should focus on finding more clues about Homura's town. It's not our business.

Mahaz~ Wrong, It isn't your guys business; but it is mine.

Dalia~ The Raeb, you're looking for… your sister.

Cain~ Oh. Right, I'm sorry. That was probably rude.

Mahaz~ It's ok. I don't talk about it much anyway. But this is very personal to me.

Dakota~ Sister? One of you guys wants to fill me in.

Mahaz~ Ivana Abad-Pak. My estranged sister; and a half Raeb.

Anna~ Wait hold up! This is the first time I'm hearing this too!

Dalia~ Short Staff only told me and Cain the day I was leaving the Bry dojo. Even then, he hasn't told us the full story.

Mahaz~ Spooks was really mad I wouldn't say more. To be honest, I still don't know if I like talking about it. But you all deserve to know. Ivana and I were orphans from a young age. Being older, she looked out for me, it came easy because she was so naturally talented when it comes to magic. She mastered 3 types with ease and always researched new methods. There was one type of magic that the two of us became obsessed about.

Cain~ Blood magic.

Mahaz~ yea. We both became so ingrained in Raeb culture so we can learn blood magic. We heard about TDK, a human who is able to use blood magic without pain, and it made us even more curious. Ivana, she eventually met a raeb.. and things started to change. She started to change.

Dalia~ She fell in love.

Mahaz~ I'm still not sure about that. But she definitely became colder, more malicious. I wouldn't see her for days. And then the last day I saw her, her eyes were two different colors, she had fangs. She told me she became a Raeb through marriage. And then, she left. Haven't seen her since.

Anna~ She abandoned you to become a Raeb. You hate them don't you? Or your sister.

Mahaz~ I don't think I do. Like the Jinn, I don't really care either way about the Raeb. As for Ivana, she'll always be my sister. But, I want answers. I became a mercenary to get answers.

Cain~ If the militia gets rid of Raeb, that includes your sister. I'm starting to understand. We're not going to let that happen. You helped me with Homura's situation without asking for anything back, at the least I can repay you like this you crazy bastard.

Dalia~ Welp, you know I won't say no. You may be the most annoying dude I've ever met, but you're our annoying dude!

Amyr~ *excited roar*

Anna~ What he said.

Mahaz~ Heh, I guess I should've told you all sooner. I appreciate it guys.

Dakota~ the JHWA is very much against this whole war. So we'll be with you as well.

** As the group decides on this new resolve, a small flame appears next to Cain. Homura manifests! She reunites with Anna, Amyr and Dalia with all smiles. Homura pats Mahaz on the back and gives him a warm smile! **

Homura~ just to let you know, even if Cain didn't want to do this, I wouldn't have let him say no. I saw how my people, the Kaen were massacred. I'm not going to let that happen to the Raeb. We're gonna find your sister.

Mahaz~ *smirk* somehow, when a literal goddess tells me that, it feels a lot better than an apathetic samurai and a hot head like spooks.


Cain~ Hey, I'm not always apathetic. Just indifferent!

Mahaz~ Okay, I'm sorry. Haha.

Anna~ So, where do we start looking for her? We need a lead. Don't suppose any of you guys know a Raeb.

*** pregnant silence ***

Dalia~ Oh! He's not a Raeb. But I know someone who has had direct dealings with them!

Dakota~ that's rare, whose this person?

Dalia~ When we met Mahaz at Baeid, I went to monster tamer to get Amyr looked at. He told me he would be visiting Raeb clients in Zapharah city. Jason Aavers. Jay the Tamer!

- South Eadala: Zapharah City -

* Back in the steampunk city of Zapharah, Joshua and Asi were still scouting around the city's darker parts. In the distance a figure watches them from a coffee shop roof. The waitress places a hot coffee on the table and the man thanks her with a smile. The man is about 6'1, has dyed blue hair that reaches the middle of his neck, brown eyes, lean muscles but fit legs, he's wearing simple beige pants, black shoes and balck shirt and white suspenders. A beige apron finished his attire with a name tag that said "Aavers" A thunder cat sat on his lap, a frost fox sat under his chair and an ember eagle was perched on a lamp light above him. Jason smiles as he takes a sip of his coffee. *

Jason~ So the militia is here. Really hope my client gets here soon and discreetly. Knowing him; might be a problem.

** Just as he finished his thought, a shadow loomed above him. The figure is 6'1, with long but curly black hair with a rough beard, red eyes, very muscular build. He had on black shorts, red shoes, red dress shirt and long black trench coat. A large guitar axe is hanging on his back. He gives Jason a goofy smile and apologizes for being late. Jason smiles and shakes his hand, the client is a Raeb. Raeb he's known for a while and is a valuable friend. **

Jason~ I guess I should know better then to worry about you when the militia is around. As expected of an old war buddy of king Lucian. Good to see you, Zeke Medos.

Zeke~ It's been a while. Forget the militia, let's get the work done so we can go party tonight friend!