I am a shapeshifter.

I've been one ever since I was born. The only problem was that I had no control over when I shifted. It all depended on who was seeing me. And what they decided to see.

The first time my shapeshifting was pointed out was in elementary school. My classmates had dubbed me a rainbow, which I liked. They said it so kindly and the word felt so positive. In my mind and theirs, 'rainbow' was the best way to truly explain my superpower.

As I got older, I continued to shift. People would speak different languages to me, expecting me to understand. I had knowing looks glanced my way. Sometimes I'd have scowls shot at me. As if they knew I was shapeshifting and disapproved of my existence.

Once, while applying for a job, I was asked if I needed proof that I was a citizen. I responded with a lighthearted 'no' but it stung that my shapeshifting made me look so different to them.

Time went on and being a shapeshifter granted me access to see to the depths of which some people loath others. I have had people say hateful things about me to my face, not even knowing who I truly was.

I get questioned about how I shapeshift often. I am asked If I am truly the way I appear. Once asked, I am then prompted to share with them how I am, in fact, a shapeshifter. Honestly, I would feel bad lying to someone who was genuinely curious. To be fair though, my shapeshifting isn't anyone's business.

Sometimes ignorant and old people will call my me an abomination. Usually it makes me roll my eyes and laugh, but I know it's no laughing matter. There is a bitterness deep down in my soul, knowing that, not too long ago, many people agreed with them.

I have this 'otherness' about me. An otherness that divides me from most people. Due to my shapeshifting I always fit, yet I am never in the right place.

It helps knowing that there are others out there like me. More and more shapeshifters exist the more time moves on.

Still, sometimes it feels lonely to be a shapeshifter.

That's just how it is when you're mixed.