Beginning (I)

Locked away in the deepest chambers of a castle, the young man lies forgotten. The Aydar Queen will not release him. She believes this man holds the power she seeks, and she is not wrong. For he is no ordinary man; he is the Moon.

Danger lurks nearby, though the Queen and the Moon do not know it: the Moon will fall for this cold-hearted witch. He will grow to love everything that she is and everything that she will become, both the good and the bad.

But it is this same love that sets off a chain of events ... events that will lead straight to Destruction of two dimensions.

Unless someone is strong enough to stop it.

For the Moon to love anyone other than the Sun, was a sin; the Sun and Moon were supposed to be soulmates.

Ancient as they are, the Queen and the Moon are unaware that the outcome of love is always deadly. And unfair though it may be, there can never be a happy ending for people like them.

The woman closes the book. Her fingers tremble as she places it back on the shelf. She has lived through this fairy tale. She is the person they have written about.

But this is not how her story had gone.

Not at all.