It was a clear, starry night when the first one came; I was the only one who saw, I was the only one admiring the stars. I watched as the lone figure explored my backyard, it looked sad. Then it stumbled on a soccer ball I had forgotten to put away. I watched as it started doing tricks I could only dream of doing. I wanted to go join the figure and play with it, but I was too tired to keep my eyes open any longer.

The next night I sat by my window, eagerly waiting to see the figure again. I was starting to nod off when I saw the shadows move and the figure emerged, this time with a friend. I watched as the two creatures passed the ball back and forth doing crazy tricks. That night I fell asleep at my window, mesmerized by the gracefulness of the creatures.

A couple of days later I left my stuffed horse outside and when I watched the creatures one of them walked over to my horse and began to play with it. There were five of them now! I wanted to go play but I was too scared, all I could do was watch from my bedroom window. Then a sixth creature showed up and it had nothing to play with. I carefully crept over to my nightstand and grabbed my favourite bouncy ball. I went back to my window and cracked it open, the cool night breeze felt nice on my face. I squeezed the bouncy ball through the crack, it fell past the kitchen window and landed in front of the sixth creature. It looked up at me and I swear I saw the creature smile.

Some weeks later I was sitting at my window watching the creatures play with all of the toys I left them. Then, one by one, they stopped playing and looked at the house. Through my window. At me. I took a few steps back from my window, shaking, as their cold gaze fell on me. "Do you want to play?" They all asked in unison. My heart leapt out of my chest! There was a ringing in my ears and the hairs on my skin started to stand on end. I wanted to say yes, but my mouth could form no words. I nodded my head and the floor began to creak, my legs were moving without my command. With every creak of the floor, I moved closer to the window. I pushed open the window, all the way this time. I put one foot onto the crusty window sill, then the other. The cool night breeze felt wonderful against my face. I looked down at the welcoming arms of the creatures below. I heard faint screams and bangs behind me, just one more step and I could go play. I took a deep breath and took the last step and fell... up!

I soared so high I went through the clouds. Slowly the creatures joined me, each one adorned with magical wings. They carried me higher and higher. I was free to do anything. I could rule the world. I was ruling the world. All of a sudden the creatures disappeared, there was no one holding me up. My supremacy ended and my descent began. I fell back down through the clouds, the ground was getting closer and closer. I remember passing by my bedroom window, seeing my mom's scared face. I hit rock bottom, then darkness.

When I awoke I was greeted by the creatures. They picked me up and showed me my wings. One of the creatures handed me my bouncy ball. I was now one of them and we can play forever.