Thank you for visiting! This story is 1/4 fan-fiction due to characters and past story lines from various anime's like Cardcaptor Sakura and Beelzebub.


Episode 1

Chapter 1

"I've got the part!" Madison excitingly called her best friend Sakura from the studio right after she received the news that she made the cut on a role for TV soap drama. "Finally, my dreeaam!"

"That's great news, Maddie!"

"This calls for a celebration! Let's have a drink!"



"Oh no, I'm sorry Maddie, I've got to pickup Ryuichi from his soccer club and I promised Syaoran that we'll have dinner tonight."

"Oh, is that so?"

"Yeah. I'm so sorry. But I'll come over visit you tomorrow if you're free. What do you say?"


"Yay! See ya!"

Her excitement turned blue when her best friend can't join her. But she could understand. In the past 15 years, they have been bestfriends aside from being cousins. No matter what celebration, big or small reasons, they have celebrated it in every way. But things are different now. Sakura has a family of her own and she has a business to take care of. She has been a successful model and working on her way to be an actress.

Madison time checked to her watch, it's 9:00pm.

She went to her car and drove to the nearest mart she could find to buy a wine for herself, but too bad, all stores are closed!


She still didn't want to go home just yet so she drove her way to the resto bar near her town.

She looked up to the place and exhaled heavily, "this could work."

"You okay mate?" Oga the bartender asked the man while cleaning up the washed cocktail glasses.

"Well, she's either late or not coming at all."

"I'd bet that she's not coming at all. You've been here for like two hours!"

" Well, partly because this is business."

"Cant argue with that, co-owner. Well, here's a little something for ya." He then worked his skillful hands creating one of his specialties, and in a minute or two, he served it in front of the man in blue coat. "A reward."

"A reward?"

"Yes, waiting...for nothing!" he laughed at the annoyed face of the man.

"Yea right. Wait, do you do this to our customers? 'Cause I don't need your"

He looked on his right to see a seemingly pretty woman. While everyone has its partners, friends, and having a good time, she is alone on her seat.

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