"Here," Madison gave Sakura th envelope. Sakura was hanging out in her bestf riend's workshop area and Madison disclosed about last night affairs.

"Hoeee!" Sakura held it gently, amazed by noticing the embossed coats and arms. "Hey, this is their official seal, or is it some stationary glitz?"

"I have googled it. It's the coats and arms of Holmebrix," Madison replied, working on her floral project dress for an A-list model client.

"Wow, Madison you have just hit a jackpot! He's a doctor!"

"I know…"

"..and he's an Earl!"

"I know," Sakura exclaimed, upon realizing there's something inside, well, it's an envelope. "Oh my gosh, Maddie, have you seen the letter inside?"

"Yes, and it's not a letter."


"It's just a calling card… " Sakura's eyed furrowed as she picked up the content inside with her to fingers: It's a business calling card of his clinics, and she was rather disappointed that it's not a love letter. "..with a note."

"Yeah…" Madison replied, her eyes on her current couture.

"I'll be waiting for your answer, milady. -Dr. Hiragizawa" Sakura lowered her voice intimidating Eli's voice as she read his neat handwritten. "Oooh! Are you going to say yes?"

"I-I don't know,"

"Okay Miss Daidouji," Sakura straighten up on her seat. "Why yes….and why not?"

"Yes… because he's a doctor, and he's an Earl." Madison stressed out the two words to point out the obvious reasons just to make her friend stop from fangirling.

"Mou! I'm serious!

"I am serious. You want me to say those, aren't you?"

"Of course, we're talking about your impression of him!"

"Okay, okay!" Madison flew her hands on the air across her shoulders, surrendering to her best friend's request. "He's a gentleman, kind, I mean he's always ready to help, smart, he's one knight in shining lab coat, knows all things around and I find him…attractive."

Sakura grinned. "And why not? AND BE SERIOUS ABOUT IT!"

"Not… because… I don't see him as a husband material..yet."

"Seriously?" Sakura asked in disbelief but in dead-panned tone. "Cous, we're talking about why or why don't you like him and you want to talk about a husbando?"

"I-I'm serious," Madison flushed.

"Maddie," Sakura looked at her in pity and confusion. "We talked about why I liked Syaoran, and we NEVER talked about him becoming my husband. And yet, here we are!"

"We were teenybop's back then, Sakura. We see boys as crushes."

"Point taken. But why not? He's not a gangster leader or something, is he?"

"I guess not." Madison put down a pair of scissors she's holding and faced on Sakura's direction.

"Sakura, I'm just thinking maybe he's right. Maybe I'm just scared that's why I've never had a relationship before. I'm scared that I might be carried away and forget my responsibilities and obligations once I fall in love for real or whatever you call it. All of this might be gone," she stated, referring to her achievements and possessions.

"Well, are you in love for real?"

Madison took a deep breath, "I can't believe I'm saying this but maybe I'm interested in him. I can't stop thinking about him. I try many times to get busy but he wouldn't. And before I knew it, he's there again saving me. Last night I was kind of relieved he went ahead, but at the back of my mind I had hoped that he would take me home and thank him for what he did."

Sakura smiled at her struggling best friend-slash-cousin. She stood up from her seat and held Madison's hands.

"Relax! I think you're just over-reacting. We're here for you - me, Aunt Sophia, Rachel. Don't you forget that." Sakura comforted, assuring her support to her struggle. "If something's bothering you, you can just let me know. And besides, he's not worthy of a man if he doesn't take care of you or all your responsibilities. I believe that if he is into you, he will bring out the best in you. If he loves you, he will know what's best for you, whatever you're trying to do."

"I guess you're right."

Sakura looked back to cousin. "So, are you gonna to tell him how you feel?" she grinned.

"I just wish we had more time as friends, you know, to court me or whatever."

"You're so traditional, Madison,"

"I know, I think I got that from my father."

"It's not that bad though. Maybe that's why Eli find you interesting," Sakura eased.

"I guess," she blushed. "Well, on the other hand, I think he already got my attention, so…I think it's not that bad if we start dating right away, isn't it?"

"Well, it's just a date. It can be just a friendly date. So you'll have time to get to know more of him. If you don't want him, you can just quit. He isn't like that Cordan who doesn't accept 'no' as an answer, is he?"

"Hmm… leaving me alone when I said no when he asked me in the bar counter and now waiting for my answer is enough proof, means he's not that kind of person."

Sakura chuckled and briefly looked down on the floor for a sec then gazed the front yard outside, bringing her to memory lane.

"I too also saw Syaoran just as a friend before he became honest with me. When he was gone for a time-being for Hong Kong, that's how I knew I love him, too, and he's the greatest thing ever happened to me. Now we're married and have a 15-year old son, I guess it all paid off."

"I'm happy for you,"

"And let me be happy for you. So… are you gonna say yes?"

"You've convinced me enough, Saku."

To be continued...