Expressing some of the animal welfare concerns with horse racing, Jay Sawyer of Chicago sheds light on the fact that racing exposes horses to a significant risk of injury and sometimes, catastrophic injury and death through trauma (e.g., broken neck) or emergency euthanasia. Explaining further, he highlights that if one really cares, it is never really cruel but as soon as you get careless, it can not only be very uncomfortable for the horse but cruel too.

Even though Jay Sawyer of Chicago is convinced that horses are very powerful animals, and really don't have to let us do anything with them, he believes that careless horse riding can be downright dangerous to not the just the horse but the rider as well. He has even gone through numerous studies that suggest that the pain horses experience is often misinterpreted by the riders and trainers as the HORSE just 'behaving badly'. Jay emphasizes that the key for us is to be able to read signs of emotions given by a horse.

About Jay Sawyer

Jay Sawyer is a long-time philanthropist who is associated with several noble causes. He is an animals' rights activist, environmentalist, and an advocate for world peace too. A lover of nature and wildlife, Jay strives hard to inform and educate the masses about the causes that drive him. He is quite determined about making a long-lasting impact on the society.

As far as his personal life is concerned, Jay is a skilled tennis and pickleball player. He takes great pride in introducing himself as the biggest Chicago bear fan who attended more than 10 games in the year 1972 and every single game in the year 1985.