I hear my name called out as a young officer rushes towards me he stops when he is close enough to talk he proceeds to tell me that at the latest crime scene of the murder of Henry Junior that they found some blood that they believe belongs to the killer since there is no cuts on Henry Junior and that he was poisoned just like with the two other victims Jacob Frye and Evie Frye hearing this news causes me to relax because it means we are one step closer to catching the killer and to lowering the tension and fear in the town that can be clearly seen by how they hunch their shoulders while walking and talking quietly amongst each other we just need to get the evidence tested at the lab in the nearby city I tell the young officer to go put the evidence in
the evidence locker until we can get someone to take the evidence to the city to be tested as the young officer rushes off to go put the evidence in the evidence locker I turn around and look at Gordon and tell him the good news after I tell him he gives me a smile that looks forced but I chalk it up to him being worried about the killer killing his wife or him since the counsel
just accepted his application to have kids since the population is below 5,000 and it is likely the reason the killer is killing is so the killer can have kids by lowering the population and since Gordon got accepted to have three kids the killer will be killing more people. I just got home and was about to get in bed when I get a phone call from the station the person's voice on the line sounds high-pitched as the person explains that the evidence has disappeared from the
evidence locker and they believe it is the killer or someone who know who it is who stole it and that the chief is asking me to come up with a trap to catch the person that stole the evidence that might know who the killer is or is the killer and that the suspect has access to the evidence locker and is most likely an officer that has some type of wound on them after saying our goodbyes I decide to sit down and think about the trap I am going to use to catch the suspect. My plan is simple to have the same young officer come up to me and say they found some more evidence at the crime scene in front of everyone that was there the first time than me and some of the other officers hide in the evidence room waiting for the person to come in through the door where another officer outside of the evidence room will lock it behind the suspect we will then wait for the suspect to open the evidence locker and then try to exit that is when one of the officers will turn the lights on this is how we will catch the person. It feels like I have been in this dark and hot room for days but it has only been hours since we put the plan into place I am starting to wonder if the suspect has fallen for it when I hear the door open than see some light than hear the door close and the light disappear I hear the suspect footsteps walking towards the evidence locker and then I hear them stop and the evidence locker being opened and then closed and the person's footsteps heading back towards the door than the person who is supposed to turn the lights on does it and that is our cue to get ready to find out who the suspect is as I stand up and look at the person I can't believe my eyes it is Gordon standing there with the evidence I can see him but I can't believe that he would be the person. The moment Gordon saw us he dropped the fake evidence and seemed to deflate the person that I trusted the most betrayed me and the town I than gather my remaining strength and go to arrest Gordon to be questioned and then to have his options laid out before him by the council for him to choose from the only thing I know for sure now is that my job is over and that we either have the killer or the person who knows who the killer is at that moment I saw the cut on Gordon's hand what I had thought as an innocent cut before now seemed to be the exact opposite of that. I was chosen to carry out the questioning of Gordon the moment I walked in and sat down in front of Gordon he confessed to killing Henry Junior, Jacob Frye, and Evie Frye I then decided I had to know why he did it even if I think I already know the answer he start off with explaining that the people he killed were old and not useful to the town anymore and how by killing them the town could have new people to continue on and advance the town even farther he seemed to actually believe this I decided that I had heard enough and before he could say anything more I got up and walked out closing the door behind me leaving the evil person in there behind me if i have learned one thing from this every person believes they are good in there story even if everyone else thinks that person is evil. Detective Gordon rise before the council to hear of our decisions for your fate I watch as Gordon rises to hear what they have to say we as a council have relieve you of your duty as a detective and have come up with three choices for you to choose from the first one is for us to put you to death the second one is to send you out into the woods with no supplies and the third one is for you to spend the rest of your life being a prisoner doing labor for the town the decision is yours I sit here watching Gordon wondering which one he will pick he then answers by saying I Gordon pick option number. The End.