Once again, Jenny involved me in a test. This time, she tied me to a chair, with the intention of untying me as quickly as possible! When tying me, she made sure my hands were free, so I could time it. She stood behind me in a chair.

"Ready?" I said.

"Ready," she said.

"Ok. 1…2…3!"

I started the watch, and she began her work.

"You're not going to keep me like this, are you?" I joked.

"Carl, would I do that to you?"


"Although I'm still mad at you for not taking me out, last Friday."

"I told you, I had to work late!"

"And how do I know you weren't out with another girl!"

"You're a detective—investigate that!"

"Good point!"

We chuckled together! She continued her work.

"I've almost got it…"

"I think the rope does feel a bit looser."


She had freed me. I stopped the watch. "4:43."

"Not bad at all!"

"You have very talented toes, Jenny!"

"Thank you, Carl!"

"Although I'm not sure you'll ever be called upon to untie someone with your bare feet!"

"You never know!"

"Now, if you put some shoes on, I'll make up for last Friday!"

"Sounds like a plan, Carl!"