The discipline to not have discipline

to throw away these commas and to start anew,

to misplace them,

shaking handwriting, a rebirth,


loud and powerful and so beautiful

revered for generations!

oh how I should love you now

now that I know I do not,

now that I know you were a dream of company

Should I have known the wasted time,

I would have spent it unwisely

How I should love you recklessly

now that I know we did not last

now that I know there is nothing to lose

My recovery is full of regret.

While my grandest dreams are spent alone,

the lesser are yours.

So here's my liberal definition of renaissance:

to love the idea of love

It is a fundamentally flawed idea,

from the denial of the Dark Ages

to looking past my disdain for you

The sin of misplacing the forgotten past

until one can't see it

how I should love you

if I knew you did not