How Did It End Up Like This


I woke up surrounded by empty bottles and a throbbing headache I could barely remember the night before. All I can remember is Alex left me. And he took Baby with him and left me all by myself. My heart ached, my chest hurt and I felt like I couldn't breathe. I grabbed one of the beer bottles and chucked it at the wall. The shattered pieces fell to the ground. I rolled my shoulders to let my wings out but I felt nothing. In shock, I placed my hand on my back to find two stubs from where my wings were. Then I finally noticed the agonizing pain from my back. I screamed as loud as I possibly could while the burning tears ran down my face. My eyes turned black. I was no longer Angelic nor Scars. I became someone else entirely, it was me. Covered in the darkness from the hatred and pain that I hid inside me for so long. I smiled painfully there were no more reasons to care, there were no more reasons to try, there were no more reasons to pretend, there were no more reasons to be happy. I got up to my feet and headed towards the city. I'll make their lives just as miserable as mine. That way I'm not alone anymore. The passerby turned to look at me, they whispered to each other and they all quickly ran into nearby buildings. This one little boy stopped in front of me and stared at me. "What are you?" he said in a squeaky voice. "Your death," I said smiling tilting my head to the side. I grabbed his throat and picked him up in the air. People watched what I was doing around me. They all started screaming and running in complete chaos. I found all of this hilariously entertaining. A police officer yelled at me. "Stop where you are at this instant!" While pointing a gun at me. "Oh," I laughed. "Do you really think that you can shoot me?" I waved my hand and the gun flew into a brick building wall and was crushed into pieces. I then looked back at the police officer and raised my hand into the air until I couldn't see him any longer. I turned around and let go of my grip and the man came crashing into the ground with a loud SPLAT! All of a sudden a weird portal appeared in front of me. Out came an older version of me. "Please stop what you're doing Summer!" She pleaded. "I know you're in pain, but please they don't deserve it!"