I woke up, I was in the cave with the beer bottles laying around me. "Drunk dreams, huh, that seemed so real though." I shrugged my shoulders. "Wait." I started panicking. I tried to reach behind my back and find the feathers. There was nothing there. My ex stood in front of me. His eyes were blacker than the night sky. "Wait, wait, wait…" He was moving closer towards me. He stopped and he looked like the person I fell in love with. For a minute, his eyes turned back to green the peacock tail color that I loved so much. His hair, the dirty blonde sticking up stubbornly in the back. His smile, that smile melted my heart from miles away. He was so close, but he wasn't really anymore. That smile wasn't meant for me. His eyes became black, cold, empty, his stare was bitter, his smile was gone, replaced with a frown. His hair forced down with hair gel. My eyes were burning, no tears left to cry. But the sight of him here was unbearable. To be continued