I layed on the ground staring up at the clouds

The breeze was relaxing and calm

The trees beside me

Reminded me, so much of him

His laugh

His smile

And way his face lit up

2. He only smiled like that when

He heard her name


She loves him and he loves her

3. They love each other

They can't live without the other

And I'm not even here

I'm one, but not the one

(Look out) The one that still love's the other

I closed my eyes and tried to forget

The anger inside

The anger inside (mumble)

Why do I try?

4. Soon After I felt my mom's presence beside me

Being a mom,

She talked about all- the types of love

That some didn't come from above

I understood

"I'll Survive"

And that's the truth

5. It's a numb feeling

Looking into the warm eyes of his lover

And I can't look away

She can see the pain in my eyes

But she makes me hold in my cries

6. She knows I'm a mess in every way

But why doesn't she try to help?

Instead, she makes me hurt worse

The wind blew in my face

The clouds darkened

It started to rain

The rain quickly fastened it's pace

It started dripping into the trees

Into my hair

Covering my glasses

And into my eyes

7. "Because sometimes the rain understands"

I slowly closed my eyes

Avoiding all the good times with him once again

He probably will never remember

All those nights together

And all the things we,

Could've been

8. In spring the flowers

start to bloom

In Autumn all the leaves fall

In Winter everything dies,

Except most of the things that I hide

How do the Angel's survive

The evil inside

Everything they do (SAY LOUD)

Especially their harsh words

And everything but I guess that's reality

And all I need are my friends and family

I don't need him or you,

So, that's the reality