A man was brought into a large room by two men waving guns. The room contained an indoor swimming pool.

"Get into the water," one of them commanded.

He looked at them in shock. "Why?"

"Just do it!"

"Can I put my bathing suit on, first?"


"Can I at least take my shoes off?"

"Make it snappy!"

He quickly took his shoes and socks off. Then he walked to the side of the pool and contemplated it. One of the men suddenly pushed him into the water. The two of them laughed.

"The boss will be here, soon."

"I can't wait!"

A couple minutes later, a beautiful woman walked into the room. Seeing the man in the water, she smiled. "Well, George, it looks like we meet again!"


She also pulled out a gun. Then she said something in an East European language to the men; they left.

She slipped her shoes off. Then she sat by the pool, put her legs in the water, and lowered herself in. She waded over to him.

"The water is nice and warm, isn't it?" she said.

"Do you often go swimming with your clothes on?"

"About as often as you do it!"

He smiled. "Touché!"

"Did you enjoy feasting on my feet, six months ago?" She kicked her left foot out of the water, for a few seconds.

"Yes, I did."

"Thank you for your information."

"I could say, 'You're welcome,' but I'd rather not!"

She chuckled.

"Well, now, what do I do with you?"

He shrugged his shoulders. "You have the power."

"Yes, I do. I could shoot you right now!"

She aimed her gun at him.

"But I like you."

She suddenly flicked the gun towards the middle of the water.

"I'll tell you what: Whoever gets the gun first decide the next move."

He swam towards it. She also swam. She grabbed him, and they wrestled in the water. Sometimes, he would have the advantage, and sometimes she did. Finally, they both dove together to where the gun was. They tried to drown each other as they reached for it. But in the end, it was Nadia who got it.

Keeping an eye, and the gun, on him, she walked backwards to the side of the pool and climbed out. She sat with her legs in the water.

"Come here, George."

He swam over to her. She kicked her legs up. Without being told, he began rubbing her feet, finally actually licking them. She sighed happily.

"Get out!" she suddenly commanded.

He got out of the pool. She also got out.

She shouted something in an East European language, and the two men came back in the room. She shot at them both!

He looked at them.

"Don't be so shocked. Better them than you! Come."

She led him to a door. It led to the outside.


He looked at her and kissed her quickly. Next, he went over to his shoes and put them back on (but not the socks). Then he ran out. As he left, she shot toward him, purposely missing. He looked back at her.

"Just a warning, George!"

"Goodbye, Nadia."

He left.