If you want a people person then don't look my way,

I'll probably just smile and walk away.

It's not that I'm trying to be mean or rude,

I'm not usually in the mood.

I don't like talking to people, please understand,

But most of what I have to say is so bland.

Everyone tells me to open up and try.

Every time I do I want to curl up and cry.

Be brave, be strong that's what I say.

I just can't stay strong all-day.

When you come to me to say Hi,

I want to fall over and die.

I'll fight the urge to run away,

Because confrontation is what I've been avoiding all day.

You will probably introduce yourself as Joe or Jane,

But I will only feel a lot of pain.

The pain of this uncomfortable, unnatural confrontation,

Then I will be granted with my salvation.

As my saviour comes calling for you, I will slink away,

As I have done the same all-day.

I will go to the washroom and hide,

Then all my tears will come like the tide.

Engulfing my calm face with its strong waves,

It seems all day I have been playing charades.

Pretending to be someone I'm not,

Yet I never give any it any thought.

Keeping all of my thoughts and feelings inside my head,

And you just lie in bed trying to figure out what you said.

You and I will both be burning with guilt.

And I will have an internal tilt,

Do I apologize awkwardly or do I forget what I did?

I will probably praise myself for the fact that I hid.

There was nothing that you did or said,

I'm an introvert and I let that get to my head.